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TitleKnoppix Hacks: Tips and Tools for Using the Linux Live CD to Hack, Repair, and Enjoy Your PC
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Total Pages422
Table of Contents
                            Knoppix Hacks, Second Edition
		The Past
		The Present
		The Future
		The Book
		About the Author
		Why Knoppix Hacks?
		How to Use This Book
		How This Book Is Organized
		Conventions Used in This Book
		Using Code Examples
		Safari® Books Online
		How to Contact Us
		Got a Hack?
	Boot Knoppix
		Boot Knoppix on a Desktop
			Change the BIOS Boot Order
			Boot Knoppix from a Floppy
			The Knoppix Boot Prompt
		Boot Virtualized Knoppix
		Get Knoppix
			Get the Latest Version
			Download Knoppix
			Buy a Knoppix Disk
		Use Knoppix Cheat Codes
		Speak Different Languages
		Free Your CD to Make Knoppix Run Faster
			Boot from a CD Image
		Straighten Out Your X Settings
			Tweak the Monitor Settings
			Video Card Cheats
			Help, My Mouse Is Crazy!
			Console Cheats
		Use Advanced Knoppix Cheat Codes
			Solve Knoppix Booting Problems
			Enable Hardware
		Run Knoppix on a Laptop
			Laptop Display Tweaks
			Special-Purpose Cheat Codes
		Explore Expert Mode
			Step Through the Expert Mode
		Check RAM for Errors with Memtest86+
	Use Your Knoppix Desktop
		Explore the Desktop
			The Desktop
			The K Menu
			The Panel
		Customize the Desktop Look
			Appearance and Themes
			Look Like That Other OS
		Get Office Work Done
				Word processor
			Calendar and Contact Management
		Configure Your Printer
		Use Peripheral Devices
			Digital Cameras
			Removable USB and IEEE1394 Drives
			Other Devices
		Have Fun and Play Some Games
		Rock Out with Knoppix Multimedia
			Listening to Audio
			Editing Sounds
			Burn CDs and DVDs
			Watch Videos
			Watching TV
		Connect to the Internet
		Connect to the Internet with GPRS Bluetooth
			Parts List
			Configure the GPRS Connection
			Connection Errors
		Explore the Internet
			Web Browsers
			Email and News Readers
			Instant Messaging and IRC
			Video Conferencing
		Get Help
			On the Disk
			On the Web
		Try Other Desktop Environments
		DVD-Only Window Managers
		Become Root
	Tweak Your Desktop
		Use Aufs
			How Knoppix Uses Aufs
			How You Can Use Aufs
		Create Persistent Knoppix Settings
			Save Settings
			Create a Persistent Disk Image
		Use Your Linux Desktop Settings
			There’s No Place Like /home
			Other Applications
		Use Your Windows Desktop Settings
			Instant Messaging and IRC
			Use My Documents
		Make a Kiosk
			Configure the Web Browser
				CD kiosk mode
				DVD kiosk mode
			Save Kiosk Settings
			Remaster a Kiosk Disk
		Make a Party Arcade
			Let’s Dance
			Keyboards on Fire
			Make It Persistent
		Network Boot Knoppix
		Create a Knoppix “Thin Client”
		Develop Applications
		Install Nvidia 3D Drivers
			Extra Steps for the CD
				If you also have the DVD
				If you don’t have the DVD
			Get the Nvidia Installer
		Point-and-Klik to Install Applications
		Create Your Own Klik Recipe
		Install Programs to the Live Disk
			Reload the Package List
			Install Packages
		Browse the Web Anonymously
		Install Multimedia Codecs
	Install Linux with Knoppix
		Explore the Knoppix Installer
		Install Knoppix as a Single-Boot System
		Install Knoppix on a Multiboot System
		Convert Knoppix to Debian Unstable
			Configure APT
		Install Gentoo with Knoppix
		Update a Knoppix Install from the CD
	Put Knoppix in Your Toolbox
		Run Remote Desktops
			NX Server
			Share the Local Desktop
		Run X Remotely with FreeNX
			The NX Technology
			Set Up NX Server
			User Management
			Server Management
		Browse Windows Shares
		Create an Emergency Router
			Configure the Network
			Build a Router
			Network with NAT
			Use the Knoppix Firewall Tool
			See Also
		Create an Emergency File Server
		Create an Emergency Web Server
		Make an Emergency Mail Relay
			Assign Storage
			Configure Postfix
			Test the Backup Mail Server
			Configure DNS
		Run Other Emergency Services
		Wardrive with Knoppix
			Required Wardriving Hardware
			Set Up GPS
			Configure Kismet
			Draw a Map of Your Wardriving Session
			Join Networks
		Audit Network Security
			Nessusd Host
			Using the nessus Client
			Plug-in Selection on the nessus Client
			Target Selection
			User Rules
			Knowledge Base
			Start the Scan
			The Results
			Save the Report
			Drawbacks to Using Nessus
		Check for Root Kits
			Advantages to Scanning with Knoppix
			Got Root?
		Collect Forensics Data
			Sleuthkit and the Coroner’s Toolkit
		Clone Hard Drives
		Wipe a Hard Drive
		Test Hardware Compatibility
			General Hardware Probing
			Specific Hardware Testing
				Sound card
				Video cards
				Network cards
		Copy Settings to Other Distributions
			Copy X Settings
			Copy Module Information
			Copy Kernel Configuration
		Add Knoppix to Your PXE Boot Environment
		Set Up a Webcam Server in a Snap
		Create a Weekend Wiki
			Install Kwiki
			Configure Apache
			Test the wiki
			Take the wiki with you
	Repair Linux
		Repair Lilo
		Repair Grub
			Install grub on a System Without grub
		Kill and Resurrect the Master Boot Record
			Save the MBR
			Kill the MBR
			Resurrect the MBR
			How Do I fdisk /mbr?
			See Also
		Find Lost Partitions
		Resize Linux Partitions
			Resize Without X
		Repair Damaged Filesystems
			See Also
		Recover Deleted Files
			Restore All Deleted Files
		Rescue Files from Damaged Hard Drives
		Back Up and Restore
			Back Up
			Back Up and Restore a Full Partition
		Migrate to a New Hard Drive
			Why This Can Be Complicated
			What to Do
				find and cpio
			Final Steps
		Mount Linux Software RAID
		Create Linux Software RAID
				RAID 0
				RAID 1
				RAID 5
				Creating the RAID
			See Also
		Migrate to Software RAID
			See Also
		Migrate Software RAID 1 to RAID 5
			See Also
		Add an Extra Drive to a Software RAID 5 Array
			See Also
		Mount LVM Partitions
		Reset Linux Passwords
		Fix Broken Init Services
			Some Init-ial Background
			Disable Broken Init Scripts
		Repair Debian Packages
		Repair RPM Packages
		Copy a Working Kernel
		Turn a Physical Machine into a VMware Virtual Machine
			Create Your Virtual Machine
			Perform the First Sync
			Perform the Final Sync
			Perform Finishing Touches
				Restore the Boot Loader
				Examine /etc/fstab
				Create a new initrd
	Rescue Windows
		Fix the Windows Boot Selector
		Back Up Files and Settings
			Back That Thing Up
		Resize Windows Partitions
			Enlarge NTFS Partitions
			Shrink NTFS Partitions
		Reset Lost NT Passwords
			Get chntpw
			Reset the Password
		Edit the Windows Registry
			Prepare to Edit the Registry
			Getting to Know Your Registry
			Edit the Registry
		Restore Corrupted System Files
			Call a Cab
		Scan for Viruses
		Download Windows Patches Securely
		Knoppix on Intel Macs
	Knoppix Reloaded
		Master Morphix
			What Makes Morphix So Special
			See Also
		Educate Yourself with Freeduc
			See Also
		Damn Small Linux
			The History
			The Present
			See Also
		INSERT Security Here
			Main Additions
			See Also
		Download Local Area Security
			See Also
		Full Protection with S-T-D
			So What Is S-T-D?
			Look and Feel
			Further Reading
			Further Reading
			Further Reading
			Further Reading
			Further Reading
			Further Reading
			Further Reading
			Network Utilities
			Further Reading
			Password Tools
			Further Reading
			TCP Tools
			Further Reading
			Vulnerability Assessment
			Further Reading
			Wireless Tools
			Further Reading
			See Also
		Distribute Compiles with distccKNOPPIX
			See Also
		Distribute the Load with ClusterKnoppix
			What openMosix Is
			Set Up a Cluster
			The Network Boot Method
			Configure openMosix
			Boot Your Clients
			The CD-ROM Boot Method
			Test the Cluster
			See Also
		Analyze Quantian
			See Also
		Find GIS Knoppix on the Map
		TiVo Your Computer
		Compose Musix
		Contribute to Knoppix
			Become a Knoppix Developer
			Join the Community
	Knoppix Remastered
		Create a Customized Knoppix
			Choose a Partition
			Check Available RAM
			Prepare the Source Filesystem
				KNOPPIX vs. KNOPPIX2 files
				Package management
			Make the Master CD Filesystem
		Trim the Fat
			Find Programs to Remove
			Please Sir, I Want to Remove More
			Shrink the apt-get Database
			Use the Best Possible Compression
			Final Tips
		Personalize Knoppix
			Quick Desktop Tweaks
			Complete Desktop Tweaks
			Change the Default Window Manager
			Change Desktop Environment Settings
			Disable the Startup and Shutdown Sounds
		Keep Your Custom Disk Up to Date
		Automate Knoppix Remastering
		Morph Morphix
			Structure of a Morphix Live CD
			Your First Morph
		Auto-Build Morphix Modules MapLab Tutorial Map
			A Look at a Module Generator
			See Also
		Change the Default Language on an ISO Image
		Remaster Knoppix Without Remastering
			The saveconfig script
			The script
			Customize configs.tbz
			Install Programs
			Advantages Over Remastering
		Change Boot Defaults Without Remastering
			Change Cheat Codes
		Tweak the initrd Without Remastering
		Put Knoppix on a USB Drive

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