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                            KVS Social Science Exhibition
	Common plastics and uses
	Special purpose plastics
		What is polyethylene terephthalate (PET, PETE)?
		Climate change
		The effect of plastics on global warming is mixed. Plastics are generally made from petroleum. If the plastic is incinerated, it increases carbon emissions; if it is placed in a landfill, it becomes a carbon sink[65] although biodegradable plastics have caused methane emissions.[66] Due to the lightness of plastic versus glass or metal, plastic may reduce energy consumption. For example, packaging beverages in PET plastic rather than glass or metal is estimated to save 52% in transportation energy.[3]
The global war against plastic
	Examples of biodegradable plastics[edit]
	How to cut down on plastics
	Making better plastics
		Biodegradable plastics
		Recycled plastics

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