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TitleLiving Longer For Dummies
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Table of Contents
	About This Book
	Foolish Assumptions
	How This Book Is Organized
	Icons Used in This Book
	Where to Go from Here
Part I : The Mental and Physical Aspects of Living Longer
Chapter 1: What in the World Is Aging Anyway?
	Being “Old” Is New
	Defining Aging
	Three Sturdy Strategies to Help You Live Longer
	Understanding the Three Components of Health
Chapter 2: Getting Good Healthcare
	Understanding the Medical System
	Understanding Disease and Minimizing Your Risk
	Searching for Your Ideal Healthcare Team
	What to Tell Your New Doctor
	Alternatives to the Doctor-Patient Model
	Taking a Health Exam
Chapter 3: Exercising to Keep Your Health for Life
	Viewing Exercise as a Must, Not an Option
	Use It Or Lose It: The Disuse Syndrome
	Exercising Your Way to a Healthier You
	Deciding on an Exercise Program that’s Right for You
Chapter 4: Fueling Your Future with Good Food!
	You Are What You Eat
	Starting Out: The Best Food Plan for You
	Losing Weight
	Potentially Bad Stuff: Coffee, Soft Drinks, Alcohol, and Cholesterol
Chapter 5: Getting Your R&R
	The Need for Sleep and Relaxation
	Making Time for a Little R&R
	Getting a Good Night’s Sleep
Chapter 6: Using Alternative Medicine and Exercise Techniques
	Discovering the Difference: Conventional vs. Alternative
	The Budding of Alternative Medicine
	Sorting Between Good and Bad Therapies
	Choosing Alternatives Wisely
	Hitting the Mat: Meditation, Yoga, and Other Alternative Exercise Techniques
Part II : The Psychological Aspects of Living Longer
Chapter 7: Maintaining Your Brain Power and Engaging in Life “Sense-ibly”
	Interacting with Others Through Our Senses
	Taking Hold of Your Senses as You Age
	Keeping Your Windows to the World Wide Open
	Maintaining Creativity as We Age
	Cultivating Creativity
Chapter 8: Living to Work or Working to Live?
	What’s This Thing Called Work?
	Paying Your Way in Life
	Avoiding Four Common Retirement Traps
	Staying Active and Challenged upon Retirement
Chapter 9: Sex Matters
	Exposing the Lie
	Handling Sexual Difficulties
	Keeping the Flame Alive
	Sex Can Extend Your Life
Chapter 10: Building Your Last Nest
	Grappling with the New Mobility
	Making the Big Location Decision
	Staying in Your Home in Later Years
	Life Beyond Home: Assisted Living
	Handling the Nursing Home Decision
	End-of-Life Care
Part III : Handling a Health Crisis
Chapter 11: Understanding Your Role in an Emergency Situation
	First Things First: Your Primary Care Physician’s Role
	Deciding If It’s an Emergency or Not
	Navigating the ER Successfully
	Using the Urgent Care Center as an In Between Step
Chapter 12: Making the Hospital Work for You
	The New Hospital in the New Millennium
	Aging Patients in the Hospital
	Taking Charge: An Insider’s Guide to a Hospital Stay
Chapter 13: Surgery and the Older Patient
	Big Trends in Surgery
	Knowing When to Say “Yes” to Surgery
	When Surgery is Necessary: Shopping for a Surgeon
	Having Surgery As an Older Patient
Part IV : The Part of Tens
Chapter 14: Ten Keys to a Long, Healthy Life
	Creating Your Own Road Map to Life
	Using It, Not Losing It
	Eating Well to Live Well
	Getting Enough Rest
	Getting Involved
	Staying Optimistic
	Finding Meaning in Life
	Staying in Control
	Embracing Responsibility
	Accepting Aging as a Normal Part of Life
Chapter 15: Ten Reasons to Get Moving
	Writing the Master Prescription
	Keeping Cash in the Bank
	Breathing Easier
	Making Yourself Strong
	Staying Loose
	Getting Balanced
	Avoiding “Oh, My Aching Back!”
	Hurting from Arthritis? Exercise!
	Keeping a Healthy Mind
	Knowing the Simple Basics
Chapter 16: Ten Best Anti-Aging Diet Tips
	Getting a Perspective on Carbomania
	Watching Fat Intake
	Being Pro-protein
	Roughing It
	Knowing Your Vitamins
	Drinking Fluids
	Taking Minerals
	Consuming Alcohol
	Eating Just the Right Amount
	Spicing It up with Variety
Chapter 17: Ten Ways to Use, Not Lose, Your Mind
	Working Your Brain as a Muscle
	Hitting the Road
	Drawing from Your Experience and Wisdom
	Managing Stress and Keeping Cool
	Being a Life-Long Learner
	Earning Your Good Citizen Stripes
	Staying Creative
	Being Sense-able
	Fighting Alzheimer’s Disease
	Revering Memory
Chapter 18: Ten Guidelines for Taking Medications Safely
	Trying to Simplify, Simplify, Simplify
	Knowing When to Stop Taking a Medicine
	Knowing When to Continue Taking a Medicine
	Taking the Lowest Dose Possible
	Updating Your Prescriptions
	Keeping Your Drug History Current
	Staying Aware of Possible Drug Interactions
	Measuring Your Drug Levels
	Taking Medications as Directed
	Minimizing the Number of Doses
Part V : Appendixes
Appendix A: A Guide to Medicines
	How Drugs Work
	New Drugs and Old Patients
	How Medicine Affects Older People Differently
	A Brief Course in Common Drugs
	Drugs and the “Placebo Effect”
Appendix B: Common Conditions and Treatments

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