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Table of Contents
                            Table of Contents
	Skill List
	Age and Talent
	Youth and Potential
	Human Weapons
	Human Armor
	Human Items
Mecha Construction
Mecha Weapon Table
Roadstriker Construction
Combat - The Basics
Evade Rolls
Throwing Table n Other SHit
Hit Charts and Special Dmg Tables
Emergency Ejection Chart
Combat Summary
Medical/Damage Reference
Mekton Medical
IP Advancement Chart
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nunnsmuuss A
oadstrikers are mini-mecha that
fill the gap between man-to-man
weapons (firearms, grenades,

etc.) and Mekton-level machines
(where giant robots are throwing
'l5Dmm shells at each other). Road-
strikers range from light powered
armor suits to transforrnable motorcy-
cles and cars. In terms of scale, the
largest Roadstriker is about the same
size and weight as the smallest Mekton.

Roadstrikers usually engage in com-
bat with other mini-mecha (or people)
rather than trying to tangle with their
bigger cousins. Because of this fact, all of
their SPs and damage ratings are listed
in Hits instead of Kills (remember that
25 Hits equals one Kill, so a Roadstriker
with 50 Hit armor has two Kills of protec-
tion against mecha-sized weapons).

Since Roadstrilcers occupy a position
midway between Mektons and people,
they use 50-meter lvlekton hexes and
meters for measurement. All ranges and
MM are measured in 50-meter Melcton

Pa go Bl}

he:-res, while walking and running MAS
are measured in MPT (meters per
turn). Now you know why so many
Roadstrikers transform into wheeled vehi-
cles—they move a lot quicker that way!


Roadstrikers are built in exactly the
same manner as regular Mel<tons—they
have Spaces and cost CP, but simply use
different tables and charts for determin-
ing damage and range. All Mekton con-
struction restrictions apply for
Roadstrikers as well. The charts on the
following pages replace the standard
charts when constructing vehicles of
Roadstrilcer scale. Everything else can be
adjusted from the regular charts by the
following formulas:


forms available toThe body
Roadstrikers are the same as those for
Mektons: Humanoid, Beast, Annor and
Fighter are all available. There are also
two other options: Auto and Cycle, which
are explained more fully on page B4.

Note: Roadstriker scale and
Melcton scale components are NOT

Inside a lllnadatr-iker

In a Roadstriker, a person takes up '
as many spaces as his BOD Stat (from
2-10, average of 6). The number of
Spaces worth of cockpit must be decid-
ed upon at the time the Roadstriker is-
designed, allowing for mecha which can
only be driven by people who are small
of frame. Cockpit Spaces may be allocat-
ed among the assorted servos in a.=
Roadstriker. If the driver of your mini-';
mecha sits entirely in the Torso, he is}
going to take up a lot of Space; altema-r
tively, he could wear the mecha like a su

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Meoha fluntruotinn A

of annor if so desired (in this case, each
limb would be in a different servo). Each FID.ADSTFlII'(EF'l CONSTRUCTION TABLE
extra person (regardless of Spaces taken TORSO SERVO Cost Space Hits weight'
up by their Body Type) who can fit in the Light 1 .3 4 20 0.2 tons
mecha costs an additional 0.3 CP. Striker 2-6 3 40 0.4 Tons

_ Medium 4.0 12 60 0.6 Tons
Putting 0'16 "Fi|=|fld" in Heavy 5.3 16 so as Tons
Flaadstr-ikara Super Heavy 6.6 20 100 1.0 Ton

wheat and tread‘ Wflrk the -“me ARM SERVO Cost Space Hits Add+ Throw Weight
way for Roadstrikers. as they do for Light 1.0 3 15 +0 35m 02 Tons
Melstener but when Using these Systems. Striker 1.? 5 25 +5 45m 0.3 Tons

i Roadstrikers must first divide their Medium 2_3 }' 35 +5 55m 34 Tans
i lend MA (measured in meters Per Heavy 3.0 9 45 +1 0 65m o.5 Tons
r '1'-"'03 by 10‘—1_h'5'“'1‘-‘W "umber 15 their Super Heavy 3.? 11 55 +15 ?5m 0.6 Tons‘ MA when using wheels or treads (this _ _ _ _
'1 MA is measured In 5o_mEtEr Mektnn

ARM EXT. Cost Space Damage Hits Manipulation? Weight

heiies). As with lvlektons, wheels add +2 Hand 0-? 1 5H 5 V95 03 T005
l he:-ies to this number, while treads Tam" 0'3 1 10H 10 N0 [H Tuna
1 ignore terrain restriiztieins, LEG SERVO Cost Space Hits Add+ Weight
. Example: The Motoflopier has or woill:- Light 1.0 3 15 +0 0.2 Tons

ing MA of 40 MP1: when skating on the Striker 1-? 5 25 +5 0.3 Tens
niieeis in its feet, its MA becomes 4 (40.00) Medium 2-3 ? 35 +10 0.4 Tons
+2 (liar wheels) = 6 fifty-meter hexes per turn. HEW)’ 3-0 9 45 +15 0-5 T005

Super Heavy 3.? 11 55 +20 0.6 Tons
WHEELS AND THEADS LEG EXT. Cost Space Damage Hits MA Penalty Weight

WHEELS CP Hits Tens Foot on o 10H 0 o 0 Tons
Lightweight 0.? 10 0.1 Claw 0.3 0 15H 5 -1 0.1 Tons
Striker 1.3 20 0.2 Talon 0.? 0 20H 15 -2 0.2 Tons

m;‘:';f'9ht ' '
Light 0.? 2 10 0.1 Tons5* “ea”? 3:3 5° “-5 Striker 1.3 4 20 0.2 Tons

TREADS CP Hits Tons Medium 2.0 6 30 0.3 Tons
ilgheeelsifit 13 20 0-2 Heavy 2.? 3 40 0.4 Tons
Striker 2-7 40 0-4 Super Heavy 3.3 10 50 0.5 Tons
M. Weight 4.0 60 0.6 _ _
Heavy 53 30 D3

ig t . 0Tons5‘ HEM 6'? 10° 1*” Striker 1.3 3 o o Tons
Medium 2.0 12 0 0 Tons

_ The cost. Hits and weight for “E0”? 2-7 10 0 0 T005
- wheels and treads are listed above. 5'-‘P0’ H00”? 3-3 2'3 0 0 T005
‘four locomotive system may be no less ARMQR cast Smpprng paw,” weight
than 1 level less than your Torso servo. Light r3._;.- 10 Hits DJ Tons
but may be up to one level greater striker 1.3 20 Hit; rig Tons
Ethan the Torso serve. Medium 2.0 3o Hits 0.3 Tons

Heavy 2.? 40 Hits 0.4 Tons
1' Spaces: Treads and wheels take super Heavy 3_3 50 Hits r}_ 5 rang
up no Spaces from the Roadstriker. _ _
_ Location: The Hits of wheels or SEl'~lSORS

Range Comm Cost Space Hits Weight

saasmayesm-eeens~o s::'.:s::-M its
.or more locations. ;
‘Forexample: Mediumweiyht wheeis COCK?” C0‘-‘W 5P300 C00 '.
_-a,-ruk:l be six 5—Hi't wheeis, min Pilot Seat _ 1 2-10 (depends on Body


I-wheel‘? M0 m_H;t wheat and Mn 5_ Extra Seating +1 2-10 (depends on Body ype) 0.3 .
Ti-lit wheels, ororie 30-Hit wheel‘.

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