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• Vitamin C (buffered) 2g post each workout to reduce cortisol and oxidative stress.

• Take an extra 200-400mg of magnesium to replace what you use up during the extra
training to improve sleep and glucose handling.

• Use an extra 2g of Leucine with all meals except breakfast to help increase protein
synthesis and stay anabolic.

Phase 7 - Super Compensation

• Allostatic Stamina 3 caps with first two meals.

• Gluco-Reg 1 cap with 3-4 meals will help carbohydrate utilization. The ALA, chromium
and cinnamon extract help rebuild and sensitize insulin receptors. Benfothiamine
and PPQ help with glucose utilization. This can help increase the benefits of the carbs
during this phase while minimizing fat gain.

• Use an extra 5-10g of Glutamine with 2 meals to speed up recovery.

• Use an extra 2g of Leucine with all meals except breakfast.

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In addition to maximizing nutrition and supplementation for training and workout recovery,
it is important to make sure your body and it’s hormonal systems are functioning optimally
so you can maintain optimal recovery and performance through the Mi40X program. The
following information and protocols will help optimize

• Sleep
• Adrenal Health and Recovery
• Estrogen Detoxification
• Testosterone Optimization
• Insulin Sensitivity/Resistance

Maximizing Sleep

20% of your tissue recovery and nearly all of your cognitive recovery occurs during sleep.
Sleep also is the best way to manage cortisol and inflammation. All other conditions can
usually be improved by also improving sleep, whether it be adrenal fatigue, insulin resistance,
or low testosterone. This is why having optimal sleep is vital to gaining muscle during intense
training. What IS optimal sleep? UNDISTURBED sleep. Ideally 8hrs. Straight. Sounds like the
impossible dream for some, but it can and should be possible given the right recovery protocol.

Here are some suggestions, as well as some education on the matter: (We’ve provided some
links to reputable products for ease of navigation and a better understanding of what exactly
is needed)

Magnesium - 400-800mg maintenance but up to 1.2g female and 2g males for severe sleep
issues: Magnesium is the single most important nutrient for optimal sleep because it has a
calming effect on the nervous system. If the nervous system can not calm down after stress,
intense exercise or long hours at work, cortisol and catecholamine hormones will stay high,
making it very difficult to fall and stay asleep.

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When you are insulin resistant, you have trouble regulating blood sugar, because your
body does not respond well to the insulin signal. This leads to decreased fat burning and
poor energy levels. Insulin resistance is most easily seen as increased body-fat, especially
around the love handles and upper back. Improving insulin signaling allows you to utilize
carbohydrates better for recovery and improves your ratio of testosterone to estrogen.
Anytime you improve insulin signaling you will also likely see a reduction in body-fat as well.

When your are insulin resistant there are several things you need to address. Glucose
metabolism is depending on having adequate vitamins and minerals like magnesium to be
synthesized and used as fuel. So make sure you are taking a multi-vitamin and magnesium.

Secondly is your cells ability to recognize and use insulin to signal glucose uptake. This is
dependent on the amount of omega-3s you have been eating. Omega-3’s make up part
of the cell wall that the insulin receptors reside in. If your diet has been low in omega-3s
you may not be able to get the insulin receptors to the surface of your muscle cells to do
their job. In addition to omega-3s, a special kinase (Reduced Iso-Alpha Acids) can also
increase the amount of insulin receptors you’re making. If you have been eating too many
carbohydrates for too long, your insulin receptor production goes down, and this can help
restore it.

Lastly, the insulin system like any other can become resistant out of fatigue. The beta cells
of the pancreas that create insulin can slow production. To aid them in recovery nutrients like
fenugreek and alpha lipoic acid can work to help increase the transport of glucose without
insulin. This decreases the stress on the pancreas so it can replenish. These nutrients also
have the added benefit of being able to help you shuttle more glucose towards lean tissue
rather than fat tissue. This makes the valuable for getting leaner, and can even be used to
minimize fat gain from cheat or high carb meals.

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This program is most beneficial for those looking to reduce body-fat while gaining muscle. It is
still effective in leaner individuals, but more as a enhanced recovery mechanism than body-fat
reduction. If your on a budget use the Insulinomics and Fenuplex first.


Insulinomics Dosing: 2 tablets 3x/day for 30 days, then 1 tablet per day maintenance

until you are in the under (12% male/20% female) category.
Application: Insulinomics is an insulin sensitizer. This allows your to
control your blood sugar better with less insulin needed.

Fenuplex Dosing: 2 capsules 3x/day for 30 days, then take 2 weeks off.
Application: Fenugreek helps buffer the effects of higher blood glucose by
increasing glucose transport into the muscle cells, decreasing the chance
of fat gain from carbohydrates. It also works as an anti-catabolic on a
lower carbohydrate diet. This makes it great for those that want to get
leaner and gain muscle at the same time.

Yang R-ALA Dosing: 2-4 caps AM and pre-workout
Application: Yang R-ALA is a combination of acetylc carnitine which
increases energy and fat burning and R-ALA, (Alpha Lipoic Acid). ALA is a
insulin mimicker helping you lower blood sugar without increasing insulin.
This will increase fat burning and help restore insulin function.

NOTE: This document is based on advanced nutritional science and years of application.
The protocols set forth are based around concepts known to be effective when used
in a range of subjects. Please be sure to consult a physician before using any of the
protocols as these are suggested protocols based on experience and science, not on the
FDA guidelines. The product suggestions are companies known to be reputable and high
quality but are not the only option. Use what fits your goals and your budget.

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