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Why are we Logging Wells ?
Wireline logging can be used in a number of ways by a number

of people to provide solutions to questions they have about a particular
well. Some of the ways different people in an office will use these logs

Geophysics look to logs for:
– Where are my tops (as predicted?)
– Does seismic interpretation agree with log data?
– How is my synthetic doing with this new information?

Geologists look to logs for:
– Where are my tops ?
– Do I have any reservoir ?
– Is there any Hydrocarbon in the well ?
– What type of Hydrocarbon(s) is there ?
– How good is my reservoir ?
– What kind of reserves do I have ?
– How does this tie in to my offsets ?

Drilling Engineers are looking for:
– What is my hole volume (cement) ?
– What is my dog leg severity ?
– Where can I get a good packer seat for testing ?
– Where can I set up my whipstock ?

Production Engineers are looking for:
– Where should complete this well ?
– What will be my expected production rates ?
– Will I have to deal with water ?
– How should I complete this well ?
– Do I need to stimulate this well ?
– How should I stimulate it ?

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