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TitleOld Cars Weekly News & Marketplace - Auto Restoration Guide: Advice and How-to Projects for Your Collector Car
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Table of Contents
                            Title Page
Section One: Restoration Tips
	Restoration Underway: Make these rules and tips your guide
Section Two: Paint and Body
	Ba-Da Boom, Ba-Da Ding: Painless Dent Removal for the Novice
	Prime Time: A primer on spraying paint primers
	Paint Tips and Tricks from a Pro: Show-quality paint from prep to the spray gun
	True Grit: One restorer’s sanding method for perfect paint with today’s materials
	Selecting and Using a Paint Gun for Automotive Refinishing
	Metal Finishes— Everything Except Paint: Passivation, anodizing and more
	Electroplating 101
	Wooden it be Nice: Veneering Chrysler Town and Country panels
	Finned Floors: New Pans in a ‘60 Chrysler 300-F
	Finishing Floors: How to produce a factory finish after installing floor pans
Section Three: Mechanical
	Ignition Timing
	Lapping the Model A: Even new babbitt bearings can benefit from lapping process
	Spaghetti Incident: Tips for working with a fresh wiring harness
	Compression? Check!: Testing and understanding an engine’s compression readings
	Breaker Points for Beginners
	Two-Cylinder Tear-Down: Waking up a 1915 International Harvester Co. engine
	Engine rebuild step one: Disassembling an Overhead-Valve Cadillac V-8
	Engine rebuild step two: Machining A Cadillac Overhead-Valve V-8
	Engine rebuild step three: Singing Like Elvis Again
	Power Packages: Crate engines that rock out of the box
	Cool Radiators for Hot Cars!: Glen-ray has become the ‘go-to’ shop for authentic MoPar radiators
	The First ‘Stop’ In Restoration: The Brakes
	Front-End Overhaul
	‘Piping Up’ At Home Pays Off: Installing a new exhaust system is not as exhausting as it sounds
Section Four: Interiors
	Padding A Seat or Backrest: 101
	Inner Beauty: Upholstering a seat spring with a cut-and-sewn cover
	The Whiter Side: Swapping Old, Black Gauges for a Brighter Look
	Speed Zone: Tips for servicing your speedometer
	Tip-Top Convertible Roof Installation: Installing a new convertible top on a luxury car

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