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TitleParenting Guide to Your Toddler
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Table of Contents
                            Title Page
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Chapter 1: Your Growing Toddler
	Physical Development
		From Baby to Toddler
		Hot Topic: ADHD
		Chart: When Do Baby Teeth Appear?
		Not to Worry: “Carry Me!” Toddlers
		Chart: Physical Milestones
		Hot Topic: Budding Sexuality
		What You Can Do
		True Toddler Tales: “My Toddler Gets into Everything!”
		Developmental Concerns
	Emotional Development
		The Quest for Independence
		True Toddler Tales: “My Shy Guy”
		Good Advice: Overcoming Fears
		Common—and Frustrating—Behaviors
		Not to Worry: Blankies and Bears
		Hot Topic: Raising a Moral Child
		Common Fears
	Mental Development
		Inside the Toddler Mind
		What You Can Do
		Not to Worry: Meltdowns
		Checklist: Fifteen Household Objects that Help Toddlers Learn
		Learning Manners
		Hot Topic: Computers
	Language Development
		The Power of Speech
		How Speech Evolves
		How You Can Help
		Parent Tip: Write Those First Words and Funny Phrases Down!
		The Magic of Reading
		True Toddler Tales: The Silent Type
		Checklist: A Beginner’s Library
		Late Talkers
		Chart: Verbal Milestones
		Not to Worry: Stuttering
Chapter 2: Everyday Routines
	Why Routines Matter
		Familiarity Breeds Contentment
		Parent Tip: Do You Feel Like a Slave to Your Child’s Schedule?
		Little Rituals Matter, Too
		When Routines Are Disrupted
		Not to Worry: Over and Over and Over
		Good Advice: Easing Transitions Between Activities
		Household Rhythms
		Good Advice: Helping Around the House
		True Toddler Tales: “How Routines Helped Us Weather a Move”
	Feeding Your Toddler
		Nutrition Needs Now
		Checklist: Fifteen Healthful, Easy Snacks
		Smart Mealtime Routines
		Parent Tip: It’s Only a Meal
		Snack Time: The Favorite Meal
		Checklist: Fun Finger Foods
		True Toddler Tales: “My Adventuresome Eater”
		Checklist: Foods That Can Cause Choking
		Parents’ Common Complaints
		Good Advice: Coping with Eating Quirks
		Hot Topic: Fat Control
		Not to Worry: Sugar and Hyperactivity
		Hot Topic: How Much Juice?
	Sleep Time
		Good Sleep Routines
		Checklist: The Making of a Good Bedtime Routine
		Parents’ Common Complaints
		True Toddler Tales: “Sleeping Through the Night (Finally)”
		Parent Tip: Don’t Send ’Em to Their Room
		Hot Topic: The Family Bed
		Napping Know-How
		Parent Tip: Point Out That Magical Moon
	Grooming and Dressing
		Keeping Clean
		Checklist: Fun Bath Toys
		Parent Tip: Use Bathtime as Break Time
		How To: Give a Home Haircut
		Not to Worry: Bathwater Cocktails
		Getting (and Staying) Dressed
		True Toddler Tales: “My Daughter, the Fashion Queen”
		How To: Put on a Jacket
Chapter 3: Playtime!
	How Toddlers Play
		Learning by Doing
		Safety First
		Good Advice: Clutter Control
		One-Year-Olds’ Favorites
		Not to Worry: Imaginary Friends
		Two-Year-Olds’ Favorites
		Parent Tip: Create a Kitchen Discovery Zone
		Solo Play
		Hot Topic: Toy Guns? Barbie Dolls?
		Chart: Best Toys for Toddlers
	First Friends
		Do Toddlers Need Buddies?
		Parent Tip: Don’t Forget Free Time
		Peer Play Pointers
		Not to Worry: Kids Who Won’t Share
		Parent Tip: How Play Groups Help You
	Fun Things to Do
		Physical Games
		Song and Dance
		Checklist: Ten Favorite Songs
		Parent Tip: Are You Exhausted?
		Rainy Day Play
		How To: Make Play Clay
		Arts and Crafts
		How To: Make Bubbles
		Field Trips
		Checklist: Terrific Toddler Videos
		Hot Topic: How Much TV?
Chapter 4: Beginning Discipline
	The Basics
		Defining Discipline
		The Golden Rules
		Good Advice: Foiling Spoiling
		Hot Topic: Shaken Baby Syndrome
		Why Toddlers Misbehave
		When Parents Disagree
		True Toddler Tales: “Firmness Really Works”
		Parent Tip: Set Your Child Up for Success
	Approaches That Work
		Selective Ignoring
		Checklist: What Doesn’t Work
		Good Advice: Correcting Misbehavior
		Verbal Discipline
		Parent Tip: Time-Outs for You
		Chart: It’s How You Say It
		Hot Topic: Spanking
	Common Problems
		Temper Tantrums
		Public Tantrums
		Checklist: Tantrum Triggers
		Not to Worry: “Bad” Words
		Chart: Best and Worst Whine Stoppers
		Checklist: Minimizing Day Care Bites
		Parent Tip: Locked in a Power Struggle?
		Good Advice: Taking a Toddler Out in Public
		Supermarket Squalls
Chapter 5: Big Transitions
	Toilet Training
		When to Start
		What to Do
		Checklist: Signs of Potty-Training Readiness
		Not to Worry: Zero Potty Interest
		Checklist: How to Prime a Young Toddler for Toilet Training
		Details, Details
		True Toddler Tales: “I Tried Too Hard”
		Good Advice: How We Did It
	Day Care and Baby-Sitters
		Keys to a Better Partnership
		Not to Worry: The Velcro Farewell
		Adjusting to New Care
		Good Advice: Saying Good-bye
		True Toddler Tales: “Our First Trip Away from Home—Alone”
	Starting Preschool
		Is Preschool Necessary?
		Parent Tip: It’s Never Too Soon to Look
		When to Start
		Types of Programs
		Checklist: What to Ask the Preschool Director
		Hot Topic: Computers in the Classroom
		How to Pick a Program
		Chart: Finding the Right Program for Your Child’s Needs
		The First Day
		Turning 1 and 2
		Turning 3
		Checklist: Birthday Activities
		Not to Worry: Party Poopers
		Parent Tip: Make It Easy on Yourself
		True Toddler Tales: “Too Much Birthday!”
		Good Advice: Best Birthday Traditions
	New Brother or Sister
		Before the Arrival
		After the Arrival
		Parent Tip: Get Help and Set Priorities
		Not to Worry: Post-Sibling Regression
		Checklist: Ways to Channel Sibling Love
		Checklist: Great Gifts for Big Sibs
		True Toddler Tales: “How We Handled the Arrival of a Rival”
		Good Advice: What Helped Us Most
Chapter 6: Safety and Health
		A Toddler’s Special Needs
		Parent Tip: Learn Lifesaving Techniques
		All Around the House
		Checklist: 20 Ordinary Household Poisons
		Around Water
		True Toddler Tales: “My Child Nearly Drowned”
		Traveling by Car
		How To: Properly Install a Car Seat
		Poison Prevention
		Checklist: 10 Hazards You Might Not Suspect
		Good Advice: Crossing Streets
		True Toddler Tales: “Our Poisoning Scare”
		Parent Tip: Beware the Witching Hours
	Keeping Healthy
		Doctor Visits
		Chart: Which Shots When?
		Checklist: When to Call a Doctor
		How to: Make the Medicine Go Down
		How To: Take a Toddler’s Temperature
		Not to Worry: Febrile Convulsions
		How To: Prevent a Cold
		Ear Infections
		Chart: Types of Ear Infection
		Chart: Common Toddler Ailments
	Common Toddler Mishaps
		Bee Stings
		Good Advice: Soothing an Injured Child
		Bumps and Bruises
		Checklist: Medicine Cabinet Must-Haves
		Cuts and Scrapes
		How To: First Aid for a Choking Child
		True Toddler Tales: “Our Choking Scare”
		Pinched Fingers
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