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Sizing your SAP HANA system is a bit of a science. It consists of sizing the memory needed (column
store, row store, and for caches and components), disk sizing (log and persistence), and CPU sizing
for processing power. Thankfully, there are four different ways to help you size a system:

► SAP QuickSizer

This tool is appropriate for those companies that don’t yet have an SAP ERP or SAP
NetWeaver BW system, or that want to use a Rapid Deployment Solution.

► SAP HANA: Sizing of BW (Using an ABAP Report): SAP Note 1736976

For those who already have an SAP NetWeaver BW system, SAP offers an ABAP based
report that will help you size your system.

► Rule-of-thumb sizing

For those who want to skip a sizing exercise, it’s also possible to size a system based on a set
of general recommendations. This will result in general estimates and is good for a preliminary
understanding of what to expect when sizing a system; however, a more detailed exercise
should be performed before actually implementing a system.

► T-shirt model

SAP also provides a T-shirt model for high-level estimates. Again, as with the previous
methodology, this should only be used for general estimates; it isn’t reliable enough to be the only
sizing exercise you perform.

We discuss each of these options in more detail next and then conclude this section with a brief
summary of your sizing options.

SAP QuickSizer for SAP HANA

The first sizing tool from SAP is the QuickSizer, which is for those companies that don’t yet have an
SAP ERP or SAP NetWeaver BW system, or those that want to use Rapid Deployment Solutions (see
Appendix A and Appendix B for more information on SAP HANA Rapid Deployment Solutions). The
QuickSizer for SAP HANA is available at (requires an SAP Service
logon). There are three versions of the tool for each of the different versions of SAP HANA, as shown
in Figure 5.4. The QuickSizer for Rapid Deployment Solutions allows you to size for specific supported
SAP ERP components. The second QuickSizer version is for SAP HANA for BW, and the last is for
those who want to use SAP HANA as a standalone platform for analytics.
Because most SAP HANA implementations to date have focused on migrating an SAP NetWeaver
BW system to SAP HANA, we’ll look at the second option, the QuickSizer for BW on SAP HANA,
where SAP HANA memory requirements for caches and additional components are fixed at
approximately 30 GB. (The rest is driven by the size of the column and row stores.)

Figure 5.4 The Versions of SAP HANA QuickSizer

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