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TitlePractical Artistry: Light & Exposure for Digital Photographers
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Total Pages178
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Understanding Exposure
	What Is an Exposure?
	The Exposure Equation
	Working with Exposure Modes
	Measuring Light
	Intentional Over and Underexposure
Chapter 2: Working With Aperture
	Aperture and Depth of Field
	Selective Focus and Bokeh
	Aperture and Narrative
	When Aperture Doesn’t Matter
	Macro Photography and Aperture
Chapter 3: Selecting Shutter Speed
	It’s All about Time
	Shutter Speed and Camera Shake
	Shutter Speed and Subject Motion
	Creative Use of Motion
Chapter 4: ISO And Noise
	Understanding Light Sensitivity
	When to Boost ISO
	Using Noise Creatively
Chapter 5: Using Light
	Creative Exposure
	Finding the Best Light
	Light and Color Temperature
	Working with White Balance
	Front Lighting
	Side Lighting
	Back Lighting
	Overcast Lighting
	Night Photography
	Using Flash
	A Studio of Your Own
Chapter 6: Digital Darkroom
	RAW Conversion
	Adjusting Exposure
	Adjusting White Balance
	Noise Reduction
	Multi-RAW Processing
	Cross Processing
	Black and White

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