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TitlePreparative Organic Chemistry
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Table of Contents
                            Summary of Contents
Reactions on the Intact Carbon Skeleton
	Formation of Carbon-Hydrogen Bonds
	Formation of Carbon-Deuterium Bonds
	Formation of Carbon-Halogen Bonds
	Formation of Carbon-Oxygen Bonds
	Cleavage of Carbon-Oxygen Bonds
	Formation of Carbon-Nitrogen Bonds
	Alteration of Nitrogen Groups in Carbon-Nitrogen Compounds
	Formation of Carbon-Sulfur Bonds
	Formation of Carbon-Phosphorus Bonds
	Formation of Metal-Carbon Bonds (Organometallic Compounds)
	Formation of Carbon—Carbon Multiple Bonds
Formation of New Carbon-Carbon Bonds
Cleavage of Carbon-Carbon Bonds
Rearrangement of Carbon Compounds
Purification and drying of organic solvents
Preparation and purification of gases
Preparative organic work with small quantities

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