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TitlePublic Health Consequences of E-Cigarettes
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Table of Contents
                            Front Matter
Summary Annex Report Conclusions by Level of Evidence
1 Introduction
2 Committee Approach
3 E-Cigarette Devices, Uses, and Exposures
4 Nicotine
5 Toxicology of E-Cigarette Constituents
6 Research Needs: E-Cigarette Devices, Constituents, and Exposures
7 Modes of Action
8 Dependence and Abuse Liability
9 Cardiovascular Disease
10 Cancers
11 Respiratory Diseases
12 Oral Diseases
13 Developmental and Reproductive Effects
14 Injuries and Poisonings
15 Research Needs: Effects of E-Cigarettes on Health
16 Combustible Tobacco Cigarette Smoking Among Youth and Young Adults
17 Smoking Cessation Among Adults
18 Harm Reduction
19 Modeling of E-Cigarette Use
20 Research Needs: Public Health Implications of E-Cigarettes
21 Concluding Observations
Appendix A Questions from the Center for Tobacco Products of the Food and Drug Administration Submitted for the Committee’s Consideration
Appendix B Search Strategy and Quality Assessment
Appendix C Glossary of Terms Related to E-Cigarettes
Appendix D Cytotoxicity Tables
Appendix E Public Meeting Agenda
Appendix F Committee Biosketches

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