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TitleRetail 101 : the guide to managing and marketing your retail business
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Table of Contents
	Action Guide
	Habits of Successful Retailers
	Action Guide
	Getting Involved with Outside Organizations
	Benefits That Organizations May Offer
	Action Guide
	Creating an Inventory Assortment That Stands Out
	Unique Traits of Your Store
	General Interview Questions for Potential Employees
	Action Guide
	Benefits of Sourcing as a Retailer
	Working with Wholesalers
	Understanding the Value of Trade Shows
	Managing Orders Placed at Shows
	Using Online Sourcing Platforms
	Action Guide
	Understanding the Basics of Retail Math
	Introducing Customer Feedback for Inventory Management
	Using Point-of-Sale Software to Help Manage Inventory
	Action Guide
	Introducing and Managing Store Events
	Highlighting Inventory Through Displays
	Using Modern Technology in Your Store
	Identifying Whether Mobile Commerce Matters
	Action Guide
	Using E-mail to Communicate Store Messages
	Using the Internet as a Marketing Platform
	Resources Every Independent Retailer Should Know About
	Action Guide
	Embracing E-commerce
	Social Media in Today’s Retail Marketplace
	Action Guide
	Understanding Buy-Local Campaigns
	Finding Success Through Small-Business Saturday
	Introducing Commerce and Charity
	Action Guide
	The Future of Independent Retail
	The Future Beyond Technology
	When Retail Isn’t in Your Future
	Parting Words from Jason Prescott
	Parting Words from Nicole Leinbach Reyhle
Part I: Being Indie in a Big-Box World
	Standing Out among the Crowd
	Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone
	Leaning on Outside Organizations
	Identifying Your Unique Store Story
Part II: Practical Steps to Increase Your Store Visibility and Sales
	Sourcing Products Through Trade Shows and the Internet
	Buying for Customers Versus Yourself
	Selling Your Products
	Applying Press and Marketing to Your Business
Part III: Making a Mark in the Economy
	Making Your Presence Online
	Taking Part in Shop-Local Initiatives
	A Crystal Ball for Independent Retailers
		Appendix A: Resources for Independent Retailers
		Appendix B: Common Retail Terms and Definitions

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