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The size of a steam reciprocating

pumps is generally designed by a

three-digits number size as 646.

The first digit designates

A. Stroke of the pump in inches

B. Inside diameter of the steam
cylinder measured in inches

C. Percent clearance

D. Number of cylinder

Answer: B

The power required to deliver a

given quantity of fluid against a

given head with no losses in the

pump is called

A. Wheel power

B. Brake power

C. Hydraulic power

D. Indicated power

Answer: C

Fluid that are pumped in processing

work are frequently more viscous

than water. Which of the following

statement is correct?

A. Reynolds number varies
directly as the viscosity

B. Efficiency of a pump
increases as the viscosity


C. Increased fluid friction
between the pump parts and

the passing fluid increases

useful work

D. Working head increases as the

Answer: C

The law that states “Entropy of all

perfect crystalline solids is zero

at absolute zero temperature”

A. Zeroth law of thermodynamic

B. First law of thermodynamics

C. Second law of thermodynamics

D. Third law of thermodynamics

Answer: D

An expression of the mass of water

vapor per unit mass of dry air

A. Relative humidity

B. Absolute humidity

C. Humidity ratio

D. Saturation ratio

Answer: C

Which of the following is

equivalent to 1 lb?

A. 5000 grains

B. 6000 grains

C. 7000 grains

D. 8000 grains

Answer: C

The locus of states that the same

value of stagnation enthalpy and

mass flux is called.

A. Fanno line

B. Reyleigh line

C. Willian’s line

D. Mollier’s line

Answer: A

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