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5.1.3 In;Place Families Creating In;Place Families

From the Modelling menu, select Create or click Create from the Modelling tab on the Design Bar

Note: You can also click on the Options Bar when a specific tool is active, for example, the Window or Door tool.

The Family Category and Parameters dialog opens.

Note: This dialog does not open when you click on the Options Bar.

Select the appropriate family category, and click .

In the family Name box, enter a name, and click .

Use the tools on the Design Bar to add components, massing geometry, and lines.

When you finish creating the in-place family, click Finish.

Note: You can click Quit to quit making the family. All changes are lost.

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January 2009 Revit Standards Manual

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5.2 Standard Component Family Creation

5.2.1 Standard Component Family Creation Example 1 – Water Heater

For the water heater, we will create some shared parameters to define characteristics that will be used by both the plumbing

designer on plumbing schedules, and by the electrical designer when circuiting. We will create parameters for KW, Voltage,

Phase, and Capacity.

NOTE: Sharing parametric information about a component, such as the voltage between the plumbing schedules and

electrical connections requires that a single model be used. Using linked files is not an option.

Creating Shared Parameters

As noted above, shared parameters are defined in an external file. Shared parameters may be grouped to help you organize

the parameters.

1. Open the _Water Heater.rfa

2. From the File menu, click Shared Parameters…

3. Click Create…

The practice-wide shared parameters file is located at

L:\BH8Revit\Revit09\SharedParameters\BH_Shared_Params.txt. The file may or may not be defined on the machine you are

working on. You will not have write access to this file so you will have to create a project shared parameters file.

4. Browse to the project’s families subfolder location.

5. Enter the project number and project description, 123456 Example Project Shared Parameters.txt

6. Click Save

7. Click New… under Groups.

8. Enter the name Electrical, and then click OK.

9. Click New… under Parameters.

10. Specify the following, then click OK

• Name: Voltage

• Discipline: Electrical

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