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                            Languages of Glorantha in the Dragon Pass region 3rd Age
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with editing and special sections by
John Sapienza and Greg Stafford

illustrations by LUISE PERRIN

Sartar and Prax maps by WILLIAM CHURCH

based on the universe created by

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Range-Touch Duration-I week

Non-Stackable Reusable

This spell allows a Rune Priest to teach any battle magic
spell the Priest knows to any character. The teacher and stu-
dent are in a specialized mind link which allows for the impres-
sing of the specific battle magic spell on the subconscious of
the student, with none of the other normal effects of a Mind
link. This occupies a week of ritual and training during which
nothing else may be done except for eating and sleeping. This
spell must be taught in a holy place of the cult.

Because this is one of the main sources of income for the
cult, a Priest sacrifices for it early in his career.


Range-160 meters Duration-IS minutes

Stackable up to 4 points Reusable

This spell blocks 10 points of an attacking spirit's POW if
cast before spirit combat begins. Thus, a spirit with a POW of
24 attacking a Priest protected by this spell would only be able
to use 14 points of POW in spirit combat.

If, through spirit combat with the protected character, the
spirit is brought down to a POW of 10 or below, the two com-
batants can no longer interact. Of course, a spirit attacking a
character protected by 2 points of this spell would lose the use
of 20 points of POW in spirit combat and would not be able to
interact with the character after its POW was brought down to
20 or less.

This spell is incompatible with Absorption, Reflection, and

VISION Cost-2 POW points

Range-I 60 meters Duration-IS minutes

Non -Stackable Reusable

This spell gives a viewpoint which may be up to 240 meters
away from the spirit of the recipient of the spell. Looking
from this viewpoint is approximately like looking through the
character's eyes, but it gives a 180 degree view. After this spell
is cast, the viewpoint can be moved at a speed of 3 meters a
melee round, and turned 180 degrees in a melee round. The

Ariella has just learned the Virion spell and is ordered to

check out a castle, reported to be inhabited by trolls. (As usual,
Rurik is giving the orders, but he's grown slightly more cautious
after the last affair.) She puts her viewpoint 10 meters from the
near gate, facing back toward the gate, and sees 2 dark troll
guards sleeping, and 10 trollkin avidly rolling dice. Wondering
about the rest of the castle, she turns the viewpoint around and
sees about a dozen defenders starting to put their armor on, etc.
At the same time, she hears a number of snarls. Wanting to know
whether she's about to be eaten alive, next round she switches
her viewpoint back to her bodily su"oundings. Rurik and about
4 others are hotly engaged with 2 werewolves. Trusting Rurik
against werewolves, next round she switches back to her view-
point so that, after the werewolves have been disposed of, Rurik
can be given a complete account of the castle defenses.

two motions can be combined.
While using Vision, the character cannot use his own eyes,

However, he can switch back and forth between the spell view-
point and his own from one round to the next.

WARDING Cost-I POW point

Range-Special Duration -Permanent

Stackable up to 4 points Reusable

This spell requires 4 wands as "props." They must be exact-
ly IS cm in length, and may be made of light wood. It protects
an area of 81 square meters or less from spells cast into it from
outside, attacking spirits, or attempts to enter it from charac-
ters outside the Warded area. The spell also protects the air
space above the area for a height of 3 meters, effectively creat-
ing a cube of protection.

The area protected is defmed by extension from the posi-
tioning of the wands. Each point of Warding functions as I
point of Countermagic against spells cast from outside the
lines of the Warding, I point of Spirit Shield against enemy
spirits crossing the lines of the Warding, 1 point of Disruption
against all enemies crossing the lines of the Warding, and a De-
tect Enemies spell to determine whether the above spirits and
enemies are enemies of the caster.

If the Warding is stacked to more than I point Warding,
treat the Disruption spell attack as if Multispell had been cast
with it and combine the attacks into one attack and multiple
damage value to one hit location.

Any attack spell cast across the lines of the Warding, or any
attempt to cross the Warding by an enemy of the caster, will
also start an intense keening noise, which should wake all with-
in. The warning noise is not necessary and can be suppressed
by the conjuring Priest if he covets sleep more than life.

Multiple point Warding can be used to double or triple the
area covered by the Ward, if the user would rather cover area
than increase the power of the Countermagic and Disruption.
NOTE-The mage with 3 points of Warding can put I extra
point into the expansion, covering thereby 162 square meters
and 1 extra point into the Warding effects, giving the effect of
2 point Countermagic and Disruption.

The Warding spell lasts until the wands are removed and
any attempt to remove the wands by anyone other than the
caster will trigger the defenses.

It can also be dispelled with the appropriate strength of Dis-
pel Magic.


An elemental is the union of a not very bright spirit, sup-
plied by the Rune Mage's god, and a particular physical form,
supplied by the local environment. There are 5 major types of
elementals: Darkness, Water, Earth, Fire, and Air, correspon-
ding to the associated Elemental Runes.

There are also Lunar elementals, but since the Lunar ele-
ment is not present in most areas of Glorantha, they are not
described here.

The spirit portion of an elemental consists of an INT of

ID6 and a POW equal to 3D6+6.
An elemental, having both physical and spirit aspects, is vul-

nerable to both magical and physical attacks.

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The Elemental Rune cults can summon elementals of their

Element. Elementals usually come in 3 sizes, small, medium,
and large. The elemental will fight for the summoning charac-
ter until it is physically destroyed, or the 15 minute time limit
is up, whichever comes first.

Having sacrificed for an elemental, a character will get the
same elemental every time he summons it. Its characteristics
will never change, even if it is physically destroyed. However,
if its POW is reduced to 0, it will never return, and the charac-
ter must resacrifice ifhe wants another elemental.

It takes an elemental 1 melee round to form, and 1 melee
round to receive orders. While the summoner is giving the ele-
mental orders, neither the elemental nor the summoner may
do anything else (such as parry the blow the giant is getting
in). Since no elemental has more than ID6 INT, complicated
orders are likely to be mixed up. However, the summoning
character is in Mind Speech with the elemental and may
change its orders at any time. An elemental may be summoned
to appear anywhere within 60 meters of the summoning char-
acter. Note the difference from the usual range limit for Rune
magic spells.

An elemental will not move unless ordered to do so. How-
ever, an elemental automatically attacks anything caught with-
in or on top of it. Of course, this can include the summoning

Any number of elementals may be summoned at one time,
controlled by one character, as they ftght independently. An
elemental cannot be summoned without at least some of that


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1. Befuddle 1500 L
2. Binding 1500 L
3. Bladesharp Var·
4. Bludgeon Var·
S. Cordination 1500 L
6. Countermagic Var·
7. Darkwall 1500 L
8. Demoralize 1500 L
9. Detect Detection 300 L

10. Detect Enemies 300 L
11. Detect Gems 1000 L
12. Detect Gold 300 L
13. Detect Life 300 L
14. Detect Magic 300 L
IS. Detect Silver 200 L
16. Detect Spirit 300 L
17. Detect Traps 300 L
18. Detect Undead 300 L
19. Detection Blank Var·
20. Dispel Magic Var·
21. Disruption 500 L
22. Dullblade Var·
23. Extinguish 1000 L
24. Fanaticism Var·
25. Farsee 500 L
26. Firearrow 2000 L
27. Fireblade 2000 L
28. Glamour 2000 L
29. Glue Var·
30. Harmonize IS00t
31. Healing Var·
32. Ignite 500 L
33. Invisibility 2500 L
34. Ironhand Var·
35. Light 500 L
36. liahtwall 2000 L
37. Mind Speech Vu·
38. Mobility .1500 L
39. Multimissile Var·
40. Protection Var·
41. Repair 1500 L
42. Shimmer Var*
43. Silence 500 L
44. Speedart 500 L
45. Spirit Binding 1500 L
46. Spirit Shield Var*
47. Strength 1500 L
48. Vigor 2000 L
49. Xenohealing Var*


1. Befuddle
2. Binding
3. Demoralize
4. Detect Detection
S. Detect Enemies
6. Detect Life
7. Detect Magic
8. Detect Silver
9. Detect Spirit

10. Detect Undead
11. Disruption
12. Farsee
13. Ignite
14. Light
IS. Mobility
16. Silence
17. Speedart
18. Spirit Binding


1. Coordination
2. Darkwall
3. Detect Gems
4. Detect Traps
S. Extinguish
6. Firearrow
7. Glamour
8. Harmonize
9. Repair

10. Strength


1. Invisibility


1. Fireblade
2. Lightwall
3. Vigor

Cost of Variable Spells

lst point
2nd point
3rd point
4th point
5th point
6th point
Each +1 point



1. Bladesharp
2. mudgeon
3. Countermagic
4. Detection manic
S. Dispel Magic
6. Dullblade
7. Fanaticism
8. Glue
9. Healing

10. Ironhand
11. Mind Speech
12. Multimissile
13. Protection
14. Shimmer
IS. Speedart
16. Spirit Shield
17. Xenohealing "


1 Absorption Stackable
2 Discorporation Stackable
3 Dismiss Elemental 1 Non-Stackable
4 Divination Stackable
5 Divine Intervention Stack able
6 Extention 1 Non-Stackable
7 Matrix Creation Stackable
8 Mind link Stackable
9 Multispell 1 Non-Stackable

10 Reflection Stackable
11 Runepower 1 As Per Spell
12 Shield Stackable
13 Spell Teaching Non-Stackable
14 Spirit Block Stackable
15 Warding Stackable

16 Concealment Non-Stackable
17 Dismiss Elemental 2 Non-Stackable
18 Extention 2 Non-Stackable
19 Multispell 2 Non -Stackable
20 Runepower 2 As Per Spell
21 Vision Non-Stackable

22 Dismiss Elemental 3 Non-Stackable
23 Extention 3 Non-Stackable
24 Mul tispell 3 Non-Stackable
25 Runepower AsPer Spell

01-10 2D6 01-50 Friendly 01-10 ID6 ID3 96 6D6+6
21-35 3D6 51-90 Neutral 11-20 2D6 ID6 97 7D6+6
36-85 3D6+6 91-00 Malign 21-35 3D6 2D6+3 98 8D6+6
86-95 4D6+6 36-75 3D6+6 3D6 99 10D6+6
96-00 5D6+6 76-90 4D6+6 3D6+3 00 Deity

91-95 5D6+6 3D6+6


rn .... .... .... -en
en ..

Spirit [NT

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. --------------------------------------------- the book --------------------------------------------

With RuneQuest you enter a world of high adventure
and death -Jefying ex ... itement, where good and evil meet face
to face and weapon to claw. Every step of the way you'll be
aided by rules that are carefully explained and sequentially
structured you'll fmd what you need when you need it. The
game system's realism parallels its logic of presentation; char-
acters deve op freely and fully , just as they do in life, and no
rule pI events the use of weapon or magic in any tight spot.

Combatants mrlee by usmg the strike rank system (as
dO\ I )!'ed fromne author's long acquaintance with edged
wea IS) which IS b :;od on actual weapon size and deSign.

Characters hav skill with particular weapons, and they
n 1 am from exneri nee; as they battle and scheme their way

(.. 0 continents th .y"ll becorr:e toughened veterans of
1I fj . Is ano escapades. Based on your decisions and .

n y ur" ,aracters will take on astonishing life
th y I" agic unprove their weapons use,

e • and explore the amazing uPlverse

EASY TO LEARN· -all decision rolls are determine< by a
single roll of percentile dice. You need only read t."e
supply the dice.

ORGANIZED- the book is clearly arranged, WIth a logical
teaching progression. The table of contents is complemented
by a cross·referencing index.

COMPLETE-this one book contains all you need to .,Iay (ex·
cept dice). Rules, monsters, treasures, maps, enrQunter tables,
character sheets are all provided

EXAMPLES follow th entertair.>ng examples of plaY illus-
trated by the adventures of Rurik the Res!]ess' as he makes his
way from dice-rolls to Rune Lord. The examples show how as
well as what.

TIM TI "T D thi edItIOn has been undated' P Jvide cor-
rections, re ements, an additions to prevIOus pLbhc Ions

FLEXI devel 'I' vour character vr is Y01- wisl ,
\ tho 1 IT ial !ltS or characte 's

--------------------------------------------- i ne I udes
acter (teoll n hbw to tum "urn bers int -harac s,

».th c tia s of the wh a well as the wha ,.
Ba Mec lO Ie, Ilg what d.e 0 roll wizen, nd what it

mean.. 1y chapters show the secret workings of
the orla hI> e '

Combat Skl1ls - CU111t1lnS mformatum ~n use. cost, training,
and problemtith weaponry It provides a unique combat
,y tern tree opamhif(Uities.

Battle Mapjc everyday 'pells available to all characters. You
can enllqnce weap ns r annor, detect !terns. or combat


Olher SkOi. available in a wide variety are ttleh useful pcr-
s, aJ Sf<. '11" ,Riding, Tracking, and Picking Pockets.

Rune Mo.;c provides spells wille I deliver the power of the
the gods to tft ir devoted followers; also dis.'Us."s the cults
which hanne{ such powers and the deadly tribal shamans .

MG ,te I' om Alaryami to zvmbi ',thIS x' nswe chapter
/;' __ stal guidelines for mel/agene "f beast d mb and
smartj hich can mena plnyers ,nd make life d II.cult

Treasure tI. "e lITe comple /lUtdelme, for compiling "eas-
ure .. hu.h is commensurate '" 'h the .cmparative "tough
ness" {the >r, ,ters to b deal. With.

Referee Notes useful guidelines for the novice or profession-
al referee, including optionaimles.

Charts Qnd rabies mciua 1 are play-a.ds for running a cam·
paign in the Dragon Pass area :mung "thers a' ""COWl
reaction, and experienc tables.

Convenielll Pull·orits the center sneets ot the book e up
a digest of the m, ,t important charts, tables, rules, and
procedures, which can be lifted tram ,~, book for easy

---------------------------------------- reVleUJers say ----------------------------------------
'"Ahal int:lly a book Ii begintler can

read and understand. fill book is superb. It
tells you what a fantasy role·pl: ving game
is, how to create an 'aeventur r.~ spells out
the mechanics of playmg, tells much about
magic-and lots more. Interlaced throughout
the book are the saga~ of Rurik. the Restless,
Ariella :he Priestess and other adventurers.
These sagas ;Ire specific examples of how the
gam might occur as it is played. Beautiful!"

-The Dragon, in the magazine

"RuneQuest's combat, armor, ana "per
ience systems are the most realistk I have
seen." ·Ken Pick, LORDS OF CHAOS

"Using the RuneQuest rules, a campaign
CBn be set up simply and quit:kly with little
effort to the referee. There is np need to set
up :lst underground complex before play
can start nor is there any need to set up a
complex social structure ......

- Jim Donohoe, WHITE DWARF

UA 01 of thought ru.s g ,ne JIlt ... this
game. It allows. It is playable YI. alisti(;;.
You don 't n~ d several supplement Xloks to
play it. Even though it was designed to fit
one particular world, it could easily be used
for any world. Since this game contantll a
logical system, almost anything can be add·
ed to the matrix it presents. A gem of a
game. You w)n-t be disappointed."

.)ana Holm, THE SPACE GALf R

an entire fantasy role-playing game • In one book


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