Download Samsung ML-1865W printer user guide manual Operating Instructions PDF

TitleSamsung ML-1865W printer user guide manual Operating Instructions
File Size9.8 MB
Total Pages70
Table of Contents
Safety information
Regulatory information
About this user’s guide
Features of your new product
1. Introduction
	Machine overview
	Control panel overview
	Understanding the status LED
	Introducing the useful buttons
2. Getting started
	Setting up the hardware
	Printing a configuration sheet
	Supplied software
	System requirements
	Installing USB connected machine’s driver
	Sharing your machine locally
3. Basic setup
	Setting the default tray and paper
	Using The power saving feature
4. Media and tray
	Selecting print media
	Changing the tray size
	Loading paper in the tray
	Printing on special media
	Using the output support
5. Printing
	Printer driver features
	Basic printing
	Opening printing preferences
	Using help
	Using special print features
	Changing the default print settings
	Setting your machine as a default machine
	Printing to a file (PRN)
	Macintosh printing
	Linux printing
6. Management tools
	Introducing useful management tools
	Using Samsung Easy Printer Manager (Windows only)
	Using Samsung Printer Status (Windows only)
	Using the Smart Panel program (Macintosh and Linux only)
	Using the Unified Linux Driver Configurator
7. Maintenance
	Printing a machine report
	Cleaning a machine
	Storing the toner cartridge
	Tips for moving & storing your machine
8. Troubleshooting
	Redistributing toner
	Tips for avoiding paper jams
	Clearing paper jams
	Solving other problems
9. Supplies
	How to purchase
	Available supplies
	Available maintenance parts
	Replacing the toner cartridge
10. Specifications
	Hardware specifications
	Environmental specifications
	Electrical specifications
	Print media specifications
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