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printed or electronic media involved in a commercial business, in part or in whole, in any way, shape, or form. It cannot
be used for profitable or promotional purposes, regardless of the situation. Breaking any of these rules is in direct
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This document is protected by copyright law and internationa l treaties. Unauthorized reproduction and distribution of
this document, or any portion of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the
maximum extent possible under the law. Any characters, names, places, or miscellaneous objects are copyright of their
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The first Star Ocean I played was Star Ocean: The Second Story that was released for the original Playstation. It has
robbed me the chance to play a number of other games si nce it was really addicting and deep. Now released and
enhanced for the PSP, I am glad to be given a chance to re live one of the best games I’ve ever played in my life.

This is another exclusive guide brought to you by, yours truly and of course IGN. Since this is an exclusive, this guide will
be featured only in and its network. Kindly email me if you saw this guide someplace else.

Any feedback from you guys is very much appreciated. I will try to cover everything that needs to be covered but I can’t
guarantee you that this will be perfect (just imagine one guy ca n do with such limited time and resources), especially for
the game’s wealth of sidequests. Since I love using screenshots to make the guide more effective, SPOILERS MAY BE
REVEALED INEVITABLY so read with care. Screenshots featured in this guide is produced solely by the author and is
protected by copyright.

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Gameplay Basics


L / R - Activate Special arts/spells (Combat)
- Rotates camera view (World Map)
- Change menu page (Menu)

D-pad/ Analog
- Move Characters
- Move cursor

X - Talk, search, interact
- Attack, press X after parrying an enemy attack to Counter (Combat, skill must be set)
- Confirm selection

- Private Action (World Map, Must be near town)
- Battle Area overview (Combat, Auto Mode)
- Cancels attack/ charge
- Change Target (Combat, Semi-Auto Mode)
- Toggle Info (Menu)

- Walk (Press and Hold)
- Change Character (Combat)
- Cancel

- Open Menu (General)
- Opens command/ menu (Combat)
- Shows sub-menus (Menu)


Special Arts/Spells
For your fighters, you can set up to two Special Arts. You’ll need to set them up here before you can use them in battle.
Even when controlled by AI, you allies won’t use their Special Arts without se tting them up here first. For your
spellcasters, you can set up two spells to the L/R buttons as shortcuts and you ca n also toggle which spells they should
use when controlled by AI. It is strongly suggested to turn o ff lesser spells once you have acquired stronger ones as you
level up. Same goes with support or buff spells; turn them of f otherwise your spellcaster wi ll prioritize casting it every

Items can be sorted alphabetically or by the time acquired. There are sub-categories inside which are already self-

You can change your party’s equipment here. Some of your ch aracters share the same type of gears with another. There
are certain characters that have unique equipment that will only be available to them. You can also press Triangle to
automatically equip the best gear you have in your inventory for that character.


- Learn Skills – Use your SP points to learn new skills. Skill sets must be purchased from skill guilds to learn

- Item Creation – Specialties that help you to create new items or identify ?Items
- Specialty – Specialties that doesn’t cr eate new items but has other uses
- Super Specialty – When your characters have learned the required specialtie s, this option will be available.

You can make better items using this option.

Page 49

BOSS: Psynard
Reward: 23000E, 20000F, Mind Ring

This boss has really powerful attacks, including the multi- hit ‘breath’ attack similar to the Flare and Frost lizards
you have encountered already. If you ha ve your fighters equipped with Battle Suits, then you shouldn’t worry much
about this battle. Otherwise, keep spamming it with spells . Keep your party healed up as always, and keep it away
from your spellcasters.

Meet Noel Chandler. He’s one of the two potential,
recruitable characters at this point of the game (you
have already met the first one). Read through to the
conversations. If you have an available character slot in
your party, you can use Noel temporarily. Grab the
items from the chests before heading out. ( Life in
Nature, Pet Food, 50000F). Exit the house and go south
to find a cave.

Save your game. Forge the Deadly Edge with one mithril to get Blade of Minos. Forge the Blade of Minos with another
mithril to get Aeterna. It is a lot easier to do this while the Orchestr a music is playing in the background. Simply reload
the game if ever you get a Dull sword. The Aeterna is known as Eternal Sphere in the Playstation version of the game. It
is Claude’s best weapon in the ‘MAIN’ game. Aside from its already high ATK power rating, th ere will be little ‘stars’ that
will shoot off from the weapon, each capable of dealing damage . This weapon is really dead ly for larger enemies since
they’ll tend to eat all of those li ttle sparks because of their size.

When ready, head to the Psynard breeding facility to the no rtheast of town. Talk to the receptionist, then head to the
director’s office, to the left of the front desk. Watc h the scenes. You’ll be in a boss battle immediately.

Watch more scenes. Enter the transpor ter from the Director’s Office.

+++ Noel’s House +++

Page 50

BOSS: Arachnovia x2
Reward: 22425E, 52000F, Sacrificial Doll x2

These bosses rely on physical attacks and they’re good at it. They can deal critical damage so make sure everybody
is healed up often. If you don’t have battle suits or if you’re level is pre tty average, try switching between your
spellcasters to continuously cast spe lls, and use any support items you have in between. Keep the battle away from
your spellcasters or you’ll be in a world of hurt. Also, st op attacking and start running if one of them attempts to
route you from behind. Their attacks can instantly kill your character if you’re not careful.

+++ Cave of Crimson Crystals +++

Take the path to the far right. Grab the Resurrection Elixir at the end. Return to the starting area, then take the middle
path. Go through the opening with a yellow light. It leads to three more items. ( ?Mineral, Dream Bracelet, Theory of
Symbology) Return to the previous floor, then co ntinue to the far left this time.

Grab the Cinderella Glass to the left, then exit to the lower right. In this area, keep heading to the right first, then take
the stairs down, then go to the left. If you have triggered the first scene to re cruit Chisato (back in Centropolis) then
you’ll find see her from above. She’ll drop something on the ground after tripping so don’t forget to pick it up. Continue
to the left first to grab Eagle’s Shawl. Return to the main path and take the other path. Examine the card Chisato
dropped to obtain Chisato’s Card. Continue to the right.

You should spot the Synard here but you can’t reach it at the moment. Keep heading right first to reach the next area.
From here, make your way to the left to find a save point. Save your game, then go to the lower right to find two chests.
(Fruit Syrup, ?Mineral) Save again if you want, then go north. Prepare for a boss battle.

Watch the following scene. If you have an available slot in your party, then yo u’ll have the option to recruit Noel. If not,
then the dialogue will slightly be changed and Claude will ad vise him to stay behind to take care of the animals.

- Recruiting Noel -
(Condition: Should have an available slot in your party)

Page 99


- Thanks to SNG of IGN for assigning this game to me.
- Eelco of Chaptercheats
- Square Enix for remaking such a great game.
- To Remco for pointing out some minor errors in the walkthrough
- And to YOU for reading this guide up to this point.

Please support me with my future projects and walkthroughs.

1. Donations via Paypal
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