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TitleStartup: An Insider's Guide to Launching and Running a Business
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Table of Contents
	About the Author
Setting the Stage
	Entrepreneurship and Resonance
		Entrepreneurs Create Something New
		It Is Compelling
		You Can Scale It
		You Can Control It
	A Ticket to the Game
	Nobody Cares About Your Business
	What Is a Business?
	The Boat
		The Employee
		The Entrepreneur
	Launch Strategies
		The Soft Launch
		Jumping In
		Joining Someone Else’s Party
	Different Kinds of Work
		The Laborer: Shoveling Dirt
		Like a Boss: Have Other People Shovel Dirt for You
		The Big Boss: Hire a Team of Managers to Manage the Shovelers
		The Impresario: Invent a New Shovel and Sell It to the Shovelers
		The Impresario Grande: Invent a Shovel and Sell It to the Big Bosses
	Grains of Sand
	Intrinsic Motivation
	A Vision to Guide You
		A Passion for Pizza
	The Bootstrap Mentality
	Impact to Your Personal Life
		Financial Strings Attached
		Life on Hold
		Impact to Your Health
Core Lessons
	Basics Win Ball Games
	No Partial Credit
		Common Single Points of Failure
	Specific Intention
		A Waste of Cash, Time, and Energy
		Backing Up the Truck
	How to Determine the Demand of the Market
	Make Yourself Obsolete
		The Self-Regulating Business
		The Self-Determining Business
	You Will Need More Money Than You Think
	Active Iteration
	Always Get a Contract
	Watch Intellectual Property
	Control the Money
	Hope for the Best but Plan for the Worst
		Changing Plans Is Easier When You Change Early
	Value and Preserve Your Agility
	Mistakes Are Inevitable
	Customer Complaints: Treat Them Like Gold
	The Dollar Exercise
	Choose Your Product Well
		What You Have to Work With
		What Are You Shooting For?
		What Is the Opening in the Market?
	What Separates a Hobby from a Business?
	Will You Be a Whale or an Eskimo?
	The Precious Slice
	Why You?
	The Internet Is Not Magic
	Parity Products and the Bozo Factor
	The Two Approaches to Differentiation
		Positional Differentiation
		Structural Differentiation
	Know Your Customer
		When You Have Multiple Customers
	Image Counts
	If You Build It, They Will Come
	Never Ask Water to Climb a Ladder
		A Marketer’s Tale
	Climbing the Mountain
	Learn to Love Statistics
	The Marketing Mix
	Product Pricing
		Case Study: Meridian World Data and Pricing
	Oprah Is Not Your Marketing Plan
	If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Control It
Building a Team
	Your Network Will Determine Your Success
	The Best Employees Would Do the Work Even Without the Job
	The Psychological Contract
	A Contract for Your Team Members
	Manage Different People In Different Ways
	Friends as Employees
	Friends as Partners
	Hire Well or Not at All
	Lead by Example
	Motivated Employees Are the Key
	Your Extended Team
	Have a Good Lawyer and Put Him on Speed Dial
	Getting the Most from Your CPA
	Multiple Layers
	Never Assume
	“I Don’t Know” Is a Powerful Statement
	Case Study: Valerie
	The Pen Is …
	Communication Frequency and Duration
	The Curse of the Expert
		Establish Context
	Put a Handle on It
	Speech Markers
Strategic Thinking
	A Human Flaw: Failure to Appreciate the True Complexity of the World
	The 80/20 Rule
	Always Ask
	Ready, Fire, Aim
		Focus vs. Opportunity
		Process vs. Agility
		Analysis vs. Quick Decision-Making
		Perfection vs. Progress
	The Triple Constraint
		Speed Plus Features
		Speed Plus Quality
		Quality Plus Features
		Quality Plus Speed Plus Features
	The Positive Frame
	Think Big
	The Flail
	The Bell Curve
	A Change in Perspective
	Chunking Up
	Chunking Down
	Systems Thinking
	Know That You Don’t Know
	Domain Knowledge
	Enjoy the Drama
Exiting Your Business
	Preparing from Day One
	Common Reasons for a Sale
	What Makes a Business Attractive for a Sale?
	Relationships Count
	Choose the Front Man Well
	Getting the Right People on Your Side
	Due Diligence
	Earn-Out Agreements
	Giving Up Your Baby
	Getting and Evaluating an Offer
	Handling Employees During a Transition
	Exit or Operate?
	Exit, and You Are Just Going to Want to Be In Again—Soon
	Symbols and Numbers
	F, G
	T, U
	W, X, Y, Z

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