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TitleSuper Stitches Sewing: A Complete Guide to Machine-Sewing and Hand-Stitching Techniques
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Section 1: Machine Stitches
	Straight stitch
	Basting stitch
	Zigzag stitch
	Three-step zigzag stitch
	Stem stitch
	Triple straight stitch
	Ric rac stitch
	Straight blind hem stitch
	Stretch blind hem stitch
	Manual buttonhole
	Automatic buttonhole
	Rounded buttonhole
	Keyhole buttonhole
	Stretch buttonhole
	Eyelet stitch
	Bound buttonhole
	Button stitch
	Overcasting stitch
	Stretch overedge stitch
	Double overedge stitch
	Closed overlock stitch
	Slant pin stitch
	Reverse overcast stitch
	Shell stitch
	Crescent stitch
	Serpentine stitch
	Fix stitch
	Auto backtack stitch
	Bartack stitch
	Darning stitch
	Honeycomb stitch
	Walls of Troy stitch
	Feather stitch
	Fagoting stitch
	Rampart stitch
	Appliqué stitch
	Reverse appliqué stitch
	Asterisk stitch
	Ladder stitch
	Lattice stitch
	Pin stitch
	Double triangle stitch
	Quilt stitch
	Arrowhead stitch
	Banner stitch
	Bead stitch
	Diamond stitch
	Domino stitch
	Decorative stitches
Section 2: Hand Stitches
	Running stitch
	Basting stitch
	Blanket stitch and buttonhole stitch
	Overcast stitch
	Blind hem stitch
	Slip stitch
	Ladder stitch
	Darning stitch
	French tack
	Tailor’s tack
	Diagonal basting
	Pad stitch
	Prick stitch
	Catch stitch
Section 3: Tools and Equipment
	Hand needles
	Machine needles
	Presser feet
	Computerized sewing machines
	Mechanical sewing machines
	Vintage sewing machines with cams
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