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BCS English : 1


, “ ? ?” , “ ,

, ” ,

: , ! ............ This is the attitude!!!

, , !)

1. Imbibe--- (a) to learn, (b) to rise, (c) to drink, (d) to acquire

Ans: (c) to drink.

2. One who unduly forwards in rending services for others is not generally liked

in the society. Such a person is ____ (a) Benevolent, (b) Official, (c) Officious,

(d) Bureaucratic.

Ans: (c) Officious.

3. Stagflation--- (a) Controlled prices, (b)Economic slow down, (c) A

disintegrated government, (d) Cultural dullness.

Ans: (b) Economic slow down.

4. Scuttle--- (a) Abandon, (b) Beweak, (c) Pile up, (d) Gossip.

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# # Bale : a large amount of a light material pressed tightly together and tied

up(bales of hay/straw/cotton/wool etc)

BCS English : 10 (On Literature)

## 1649-1660 --- The Commonwealth and the Protectorate.

Baroque style, and later, Rococo style

Milton, Andrew Marvell, Thomas Hobbes.

##1660-1700 --- The Restoration.

John Dryden.

##1700-1800 --- The Eighteenth century.

The Enlightenment; Neoclassical, Period; The Augustan age(1700-1740).

Alexandar Pope, Jonathan Swift, Samuel Johnson.

##1785-1830 --- Romanticism

The age of Revolution.

S.T. Loleridge, Jane Austen, The Brontes.

##1830-1901 --- Victorian Period

Early, Middle and Late Victorian.

Charles Dickens; Robert Browning; George Eliot; Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

##1901-1960 --- Modern Period.

· The Edwardian Era(1901-1910)

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