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TitleTearing Down Spiritual Strongholds
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Fresh Start to FreedomFresh Start to Freedom

Winning The War For Your HeartWinning The War For Your Heart

 Session 1  Session 1 Tearing Down Spiritual StrongholdsTearing Down Spiritual Strongholds

Session Session 2 2 Putting Putting On On The The Armor Armor Of Of GodGod

Session Session 3 3 Taking Taking Every Every Thought Thought CaptiveCaptive

Session Session 4 4 Escaping Escaping TemptationTemptation

Session Session 5 5 Exercising Exercising Your Your Spiritual Spiritual AuthorityAuthority

Session Session 6 6 Wielding Wielding The The Weapons Weapons Of Of Our Our WarfareWarfare

Session Session 7 7 Becoming Becoming Fully Fully AliveAlive


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