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TitleTechnical Guide/Installation Manual - Personal ReplayGuide
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Table of Contents
                            Front Cover
FCC Compliance
		Standard Audio/Video Features
		Standard DVR Functionality
		Standard Data Features
		Standard Miscellaneous Features
		Available Optional Features
	Using This Manual
	Related Documentation
	Document Conventions
	If You Need Help
	Calling for Repairs
	Front Panel
	Rear Panel
	Important Safety Considerations
		During Transportation to the Subscriber Home
		During Installation
	Before You Begin
		Clearing the Hard Drive
		Video Connection Options
		Audio Connection Options
	Installation Overview
	Cabling to an HDTV for Video
		Cabling to an HDTV and Audio/Video Receiver
		Cabling to a Standard Definition TV and Audio/Video Receiver
		Cabling to a Standard Definition TV and Audio Receiver
	Installing the Optional IR Blaster
		Locating the IR Receiver on the VCR
		Connecting the IR Blaster
		Checking the IR Blaster
	Data Device Connections
	Boot Cycle
		Boot Cycle Error Codes
	Operational Check for the Remote Control
	Optimizing the HighDefinition Settings
		Graphics Overlaying the Video
	Using the Diagnostics
	d01 General Status
	d02 Purchase Status
	d03 OutOfBand (OOB) Status
	d04 InBand Status
	d05 Unit Address
	d06 Current Channel Status
	d07 RF Modem (Upstream)
	d08 Code Modules
	d09 Memory Configuration
	d10 Keypad  LED
	d11 Interface Status
	d12 User Setting Status
	d13 DVR/Hard Drive Status
	d14 Interactive Info
Connection Record
Abbreviations and Acronyms
Back Cover

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