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TitleThe Angular Firebase Survival Guide
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Table of Contents
                            Table of Contents
	Why Angular?
	Why Firebase?
	Why Angular and Firebase Together?
	This Book is for Developers Who…
	Angular Firebase Starter App
	Watch the Videos
	Join the Angular Firebase Slack Team
The Basics
	1.1 Top Ten Best Practices
	1.2 Start a New App from Scratch
	1.3 Separating Development and Production Environments
	1.4 Importing Firebase Modules
	1.5 Deployment to Firebase Hosting
Cloud Firestore
	2.0 Cloud Firestore versus Realtime Database
	2.1 Data Structuring
	2.2 Collection Retrieval
	2.3 Document Retrieval
	2.4 Include Document Ids with a Collection
	2.5 Add a Document to Collections
	2.6 Set, Update, and Delete a Document
	2.7 Create References between Documents
	2.8 Set a Consistent Timestamp
	2.9 Use the GeoPoint Datatype
	2.10 Atomic Writes
	2.11 Order Collections
	2.12 Limit and Offset Collections
	2.13 Querying Collections with Where
	2.14 Creating Indices
	2.15 Backend Firestore Security Rules
Realtime Database
	3.0 Migrating from AngularFire Version 4 to Version 5
	3.1 Data Modeling
	3.2 Database Retrieval as an Object
	3.3 Show Object Data in HTML
	3.4 Subscribe without the Async Pipe
	3.5 Map Object Observables to New Values
	3.6 Create, Update, Delete a FirebaseObjectObservable data
	3.7 Database Retrieval as a Collection
	3.8 Viewing List Data in the Component HTML
	3.9 Limiting Lists
	3.10 Filter Lists by Value
	3.11 Create, Update, Delete Lists
	3.12 Catch Errors with Firebase Operations
	3.13 Atomic Database Writes
	3.14 Backend Database Rules
	3.15 Backend Data Validation
User Authentication
	4.1 Getting Current User Data
	4.2 OAuth Authentication
	4.3 Anonymous Authentication
	4.4 Email Password Authentication
	4.5 Handle Password Reset
	4.6 Catch Errors during Login
	4.7 Log Users Out
	4.8 Save Auth Data to the Realtime Database
	4.9 Creating a User Profile
	4.10 Auth Guards to Protect Routes
Firebase Cloud Storage
	5.1 Creating an Upload Task
	5.2 Handling the Upload Task Promise
	5.3 Saving Data about a file to the Realtime Database
	5.4 Uploading a Single File
	5.5 Uploading a Multiple Files
	5.6 Delete Files
	5.7 Validate Files on the Frontend
	5.8 Showing a Progress Bar
	5.9 Upload Images in Base64 Format
	5.10 Validating Files on the Backend
Firebase Cloud Functions
	6.1 Initialize Cloud Functions in an Angular Project
	6.2 Deploy Cloud Cloud Functions
	6.3 Setup an HTTP Cloud Function
	6.4 Setup an Auth Cloud Function
	6.5 Setup a Database Cloud Function
	6.6 Setup a Firestore Cloud Function
	6.7 Setup a Storage Cloud Function
Real World Combined Examples
	7.1 Firestore Custom User Data
	7.2 Star Rating System with Firestore
	7.3 Give Firebase Users Custom Usernames (Realtime Database)
	7.4 Accept Payments with Stripe (Realtime Database)
	The End

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