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TitleThe Art of Empathy: A Complete Guide to Life's Most Essential Skill
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Table of Contents
                            Preface: A Note to You
PART ONE Welcoming Empathy into Your Life
	C HAPTER 1 What Is Empathy, and Why Is It Important?
	C HAPTER 2 Defining and Redefining Empathy
		An Empathic Approach
	C HAPTER 3 An Empath’s Guide to Empathy
		Developing Your Social and Emotional Intelligence
	C HAPTER 4 An Empath’s Guide to Emotions
		Why Emotions Arise
	C HAPTER 5 The Art of Empathy
		Gathering Your Tools
PART TWO Bringing Your Empathy into the World
	C HAPTER 6 Empaths at Home
		Creating a Sanctuary Where Empathy Can Flourish
	C HAPTER 7 Empathic Friendships, Empathic Love
		Relationships as an Empathic Art Form
	C HAPTER 8 Empathic Communication
		Getting into Sync with Others
	C HAPTER 9 Empathic Mentoring, Empathic Parenting
		Nurturing and Supporting Empathy in Children
	C HAPTER 10 Empathy at Work
		Excelling in the Art of Emotion Work
	C HAPTER 11 Empathy for the World
		The Empathic Art of Social Justice
	E PILOGUE Envisioning an Empathic Civilization, Together
	A PPENDIX A Emotional Vocabulary List
	A PPENDIX B Your Emotional Styles
		Further Resources
		About the Author
		About Sounds True

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