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TitleThe Beginner's Book of Meditation: A Practical Guide to Meditation and Breathing Techniques
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Total Pages319
Table of Contents
	Who is this book for?
	Will you find spiritual guidance or advice?
	How to use this book?
About Meditation in General
	What Do You Know About Meditation?
		The benefits of meditation
		How will you know you are doing it right?
		How often should you practise?
		Finding your silence
		How to prepare for practice?
		A note on guided meditation
	The Importance of Breathing Right
		Why you would often breathe the wrong way
	Breathing Techniques
		Breathing smoothly
		Simple abdominal breathing
		Advanced abdominal breathing
		Embryonic breathing
		Full abdominal breathing
		Embryonic breathing or full abdominal breathing?
		Diaphragmatic breathing
		Full yogic breathing
		Square or circular breathing
Sitting Meditation
	The Most Commonly Considered Meditation Method
	Preparing to Learn Meditation: Music Relaxation
	Zen Meditation
		Preparing for Zazen – contemplating here and now
		Sitting in Zazen
	Mantra Meditation
		The OM or AUM mantra
		A note on transcendental meditation
		A note on contemplation practises
	Mental Imagery and Visualisation
		A simple visualisation exercise
		A visualisation exercise to help letting go of thoughts
	QiGong Meditation
		Learning to sense your Qi
		Learning to manipulate your Qi
	Advanced Meditation Methods
		Breathing in synchrony
		Mandala meditation
		Opening the crown chakra: A meditation for spiritual connectedness
	Finishing Meditation: Self Massage
Moving Meditation
	The Importance of Movement
	Walking Meditation
		Walking ‘your way’
		Traditional walking meditation practices
	QiGong Exercise
		Basic stances
		Opening and closing moves
		‘Hold the spirit and guard the one’ and ‘Two hands hold up the heavens’
		‘Separate heaven and earth’ and ‘Wise owl gazes backwards’ withDrawing the bow to shoot the hawk’
		‘Taking off the shoes’ and ‘Big bear turns from side to side’
		‘Two hands hold the feet to strengthen the kidneys and waist’
		‘Clench the fists and glare fiercely’
		‘Bouncing on the toes seven times to prevent disease’
		Finishing BaDuanJin
		Corpse Pose (Shavasana)
		Staying in Corpse Pose
	Other Forms of Moving Meditation
		Martial arts
		Sports and dancing
		Everyday activities
	Afterword – Meditation in Your Daily Life
	Recommended Reading

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