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TitleThe Complete Guide to Core Stability
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Table of Contents
                            Title page
Table of Contents
PART ONE The Principles of Core Stability
Chapter 1 What is core stability and what purpose does it serve?
Chapter 2 The trunk muscles and mechanisms of stability
Chapter 3 Why is core stability important?
Chapter 4 Who can benefit from improved core stability?
Chapter 5 How to achieve core stability
Chapter 6 How to overload a muscle
Chapter 7 What you need to know before you start
Chapter 8 Before you begin
PART TWO The Exercises
Chapter 9 Warm-up exercises and stretches
Chapter 10 Stabilisation exercises
Chapter 11 Classic abdominal exercises
Chapter 12 The introduction of unstable bases
Chapter 13 Alternative unstable base exercises
Chapter 14 Stabilisation exercises within conventional training
Chapter 15 Hands-on partner work
Chapter 16 Medicine ball training
PART THREE The Way Forward
Chapter 17 Multi-joint and plane movements
Chapter 18 Kettlebell training
Chapter 19 ViPR Training
Chapter 20 Suspension Training
PART FOUR Alternative Training
Chapter 21 Alternative training and exercises
Chapter 22 Core stability training for specific age groups
Chapter 23 Abdominal training in water
PART FIVE Programme Ideas and Class Structure
Chapter 24 The basic structure of a class
Chapter 25 Sample programmes
Chapter 26 Designing a programme for individuals
Appendix: SMR techniques
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