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Titlethe complete guide to long exposure photography
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Table of Contents
CHAPTER ONE – Equipment
	The Filter System
	The Heart of Your Long Exposure Photography – ND Filters
	The Quality Level of Your ND Filters – Color Shifting
	Slot-In Systems – The Filter Holder Is of Key Concern
	Light Leaks – The Bugaboo of Long Exposure Photography
	The Cable Release and the Tripod – Two Items that You Must Have
	Why I Chose the LEE Filter System
	Setting Up Your Equipment for Long Exposure Photography
	Step-By-Step Setup for Long Exposure Photography
CHAPTER TWO – Setting Up the Shot: Technique
	Recommended Settings
	Setting up the Shot
CHAPTER THREE – Subject Selection and Framing
	Making Decisions
	Wide-Angle Lenses versus Telephoto Lenses, and Everything In Between
	Working with the Environmental Conditions – A Major Component to Successful Long Exposure Photography
CHAPTER FOUR – Long Exposure 
Photography and Composition
	Color vs. Monochrome
	Exposure Length – A Vast Creative Influence
	How to Use the Long Exposure as Part of Your Photograph’s Overall Composition Plan
	Your Sense of Timing in Long Exposure Photography Is Important
	Eye Snags – The Visual Garbage of Composition
CHAPTER FIVE – Final Notes, Suggestions, and Techniques
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