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TitleThe Complete Guide to Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu
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Table of Contents
                            Title Page
Praying Mantis Kung Fu
	Brief History of Praying Mantis Kung Fu
		The Story of Wang Lang Creating Praying Mantis Kung Fu
		Praying Mantis Kung Fu Lineage …
		Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu Styles
	Theory and Practice of Northern Praying Mantis
		1. Twelve Principles for Self-Defense and Offense
		2. The Eight Hard and Twelve Soft Ways I
		3. The Eight Hard and Twelve Soft Ways II
		4. The Twelve Ideals for Body Movement
		5. Eight Training Divisions
		6. Eight Striking and Eight Non-Striking Points
		7. Eight Long and Eight Short
		8. Five Internal and Five External Activities
		Student and Teacher Requirements
			Student Requirements
			Teacher Requirements
		Skills Acquired from Practicing
			Activating the Qi
			Developing the Breath
			Intrinsic Energy
			Gaining a Root and Agility
			Skills of the Eight Hand Uses
		The Process of Internal Refinement
		Advice on Practice Sessions
Part One Eight Kung Methods
	Exercise 1: Iron Ox Ploughs the Earth
	Exercise 2: Riding a Horse, Single Fist Pulling
	Exercise 3: Riding a Horse, Double Fist Pulling
	Exercise 4: Mantis Colliding Its Arms
	Exercise 5: Tyrant King Raises the Cauldron
	Exercise 6: Immortal Pushes the Void
	Exercise 7: Planting Flowers, Left and Right
	Exercise 8: Pushing Over a Mountain to Uproot a Tree
Part Two Eight Stance Methods
	Song of the Eight Stances
	Stance 1: Riding the Horse Stance
	Stance 2: Mountain Climbing Stance
	Stance 3: Seated Tiger Stance
	Stance 4: Seated Coil Stance
	Stance 5: Empty Stance
	Stance 6: Tiger’s Head Stance
	Stance 7: Pretending to Be Defeated Stance
	Stance 8: Chicken Standing in the Snow Stance
Part Three Eight Footwork Methods
	Footwork Method 1: Up-Rooting Step
	Footwork Method 2: Striding-Over Step
	Footwork Method 3: Folding Step
	Footwork Method 4: Encircling Step
	Footwork Method 5: Shifting Step
	Footwork Method 6: Backward Crossing Step
	Footwork Method 7: Walking Step
	Footwork Method 8: Long-Striding Step
Part Four Eight Kicking Methods
	Kicking Method 1: Pulling the Yin Kick
	Kicking Method 2: Mandarin Ducks Kick
	Kicking Method 3: Axe Blade Kick
	Kicking Method 4: Penetrating the Heart Kick
	Kicking Method 5: Knocking Over the Tablet Kick
	Kicking Method 6: Sweeping Away the Lotuses Kick
	Kicking Method 7: Closing the Gate Kick
	Kicking Method 8: Whirlwind Kick
T’ai Chi Ch’uan Master Liang Tung-Tsai
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