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TitleThe Complete Idiot's Guide to Shamanism
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Table of Contents
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Part 1 - Shamanism: The Ancient Skill of Knowing and Healing
Chapter 1 - The Power of Shamanism
Chapter 2 - The Origins of Shamanism
Chapter 3 - Shamanism Around the World
Chapter 4 - Shamanism’s Many Faces
Chapter 5 - How Shamanism Can Help You
Chapter 6 - The Healing Shaman
Part 2 - Power, Shaman Style
Chapter 7 - Working with Power Animals, Teachers, and Guides
Chapter 8 - Using Power Objects and the Elements
Chapter 9 - The Power of Singing, Prayer, and Dance
Chapter 10 - The Power of Ritual
Chapter 11 - The Power of Place
Part 3 - Pack Your Bags, We’re Going on a Journey!
Chapter 12 - Spiritual Travel: The Shamanic Journey
Chapter 13 - All Aboard! Taking a Journey
Chapter 14 - Getting the Most Out of Your Journeys
Chapter 15 - More Ways to Maximize Your Journeys
Chapter 16 - Journeying into the Soul: The Psychology of Shamanism
Part 4 - The Well-Traveled Shaman
Chapter 17 - Planning Your Itinerary
Chapter 18 - Looking Low and High: Lower and Upper World Journeys
Chapter 19 - Staying Close to Home: The Middle World Journey
Chapter 20 - Traveling in Twos: Journeying with a Partner
Chapter 21 - Modern Shamanism and the Future
Appendix A - Speak Like a Shaman: A Glossary
Appendix B - More Mind Journeys: Further Reading
Appendix C - Shamanism Sites and Sitings: Groups, Organizations, Practitioners, ...

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