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TitleThe Franchising Handbook: The Complete Guide to Choosing a Franchise
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Table of Contents
1 Nothing succeeds like franchising success
2 The ins and outs, the pros and cons
	The different types of franchise
	The pros and cons
	Advantages for the franchisee
	Disadvantages for the franchisee
	Advantages for the franchisor
	Disadvantages for the franchisor
3 Any questions?
	A self-analysis summary
4 Searching for the perfect partner
	Other sources of information
	Can you afford the franchise of your choice andwhat do you get for your money?
	The initial fee
	Management fees
	Do I have what it takes?
5 Don’t shoot the wrong beast
	Take a closer look at what catches your eye
6 Getting closer and getting help
	Better than guesswork
	The experts
	The most common snares and pitfalls
7 Signing on the dotted line
	Termination of the contract
	Things that you – or better still, your lawyer – should look out for in a franchise agreement
8 Winning over the bank
	The nature of the business
	The nature of the loan
	Repaying the loan
	The business plan
	The interview
	Dance of the seven veils – or what your bank manager will want you modestly to reveal
9 Ladies (or should I say women) first
	Some useful websites for networking women inbusiness
10 A little marriage guidance
	British Franchise Association
	Associate members
	Affiliated professional advisers
	Useful website addresses
	Tips on selling
Index of advertisers

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