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TitleThe Handbook for Quality Management A Complete Guide to Operational Excellence
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Part I. Business-Integrated Quality Systems
	Chapter 1.Organizational Structures
		General Theory of Organization Structure
		The Functional/Hierarchical Structure
		Matrix Organizations
		Cross-Functional Organization Structure
		Process- or Product-Based (Horizontal) Organization Structures
		Forms of Organization
	Chapter 2. The Quality Function
		Juran Trilogy
		Related Business Functions
			Regulatory Issues
			Product Liability
		Environmental Issues Relating to the Quality Function
	Chapter 3. Approaches to Quality
		Deming’s Approach
		Total Quality Control in Japan
		ISO 9000 Series
		Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award
		Deming Prize
		European Quality Award
		Total Quality Management (TQM)
		Six Sigma
	Chapter 4. Customer-Focused Organizations
Part II. Integrated Planning
	Chapter 5. Strategic Planning
	Chapter 6. Understanding Customer Expectations and Needs
	Chapter 7. Benchmarking
	Chapter 8. Organizational Assessment
Part III. Process Control
	Chapter 9. Qualifying Process Variation
	Chapter 10. Quality Audits
	Chapter 11. Supply Chain Management
Part IV. Continuous Improvement
	Chapter 12. Effective Change Management
	Chapter 13. Define Stage
	Chapter 14. Measure Stage
	Chapter 15. Analyze Stage
	Chapter 16. Improve/ Design Stage
	Chapter 17. Control/ Verify Stage
Part V. Management of Human Resources
	Chapter 18. Motivation Theories and Principles
	Chapter 19. Management Styles
	Chapter 20. Resource Requirements to Manage the Quality Function
Appedix A. Control Chart Constants
Appendix B. Control Chart Equations
Appendix C. Area Under the Standard Normal Curve
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