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TitleThe manga guide to electricity
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Table of Contents
From Electopia,
the Land of Electricity
1: What Is Electricity?
	Electricity and Everyday Life
		Electrical Units
		Electricity in the Home
	How Electricity Works
		The True Nature of Electricity
		Current and Electrical Discharge
		Atomic Structure and Conductivity
	Static Electricity
		The Triboelectric Series
		Uses of Static Electricity
	Tags on Consumer Electric Products
	Voltage and Potential
	Atoms and Electrons
	Static Electricity
		Electrostatic Force
		The Triboelectric Series
		Movement of Charge and Direction of Current
2: What Are Electric Circuits?
	Electric Circuits in Everyday Devices
		A Flashlight's Circuit
		Parts of an Electric Circuit
	Ohm's Law and Methods of Connecting Electrical Components
		Electric Circuits and Ohm's Law
		Series and Parallel Connections
	Electric Circuits and Current
		Graphical Symbols
		Direct Current Circuit and Alternating Current Circuit
	Ohm’s Law
	Resistivity and Conductivity
	Effective Resistance
3: How Does Electricity Work?
	Why Does Electricity Produce Heat?
		Electricity and Joule Heat
		How Is Heat Generated by Current?
		Thermal Emission and Luminescence
	Current and Magnetic Fields
		Fleming's Left-Hand Rule (For DC Motors)
		Fleming's Right-Hand Rule (For Generators)
	Joule Heat
	Thermal Vibration
	Electromagnetic Waves
	Electricity and Magnetism
	Fleming's Left-Hand Rule and Motors
	Fleming’s Right-Hand Rule and Electric Generators
	Electricity and Coils
		Coils and Electromagnetic Induction
		Coils and Inductance
		Coils and Alternating Current
		Coils and Transformers
		Capacitors and Alternating Current
4: How Do You Create Electricity?
		How Does a Power Generator Create Electricity?
	Batteries and Other Sources of Electricity
		Chemical Cells
		What Happens in a Dry Cell Battery?
		Water and Fuel Cells
		Anodes and Cathodes
	Creating Your Own Coin Battery
	Electricity Created by a Power Plant
		Thermal Power Generation
		Nuclear Power Generation
		Hydroelectric Power Generation
		Wind Power Generation
5: How Can You Conveniently Use Electricity?
	What Are Semiconductors?
	Diodes and Transistors
		Diodes That Emit Light
	Field-Effect Transistor
	Converters and Inverters
		Temperature Sensors
		Optical Sensors

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