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TitleThe Manga Guide to Physiology
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Table of Contents
                            Praise for The Manga Guide Series
Prologue: What Do You Mean I Have to Take Physiology 101?
Chapter 1: The Circulatory System
	The Electrical Conduction System of the Heart
	Heart Movements and Waveforms
	Even More About the Circulatory System!
		Electrical Activity in the Heart
		How an Electrocardiogram Works
		How the Nervous System Affects the Circulatory System
		The Coronary Arteries
		Blood Circulation
		Blood Pressure
		Measuring Blood Pressure
		The Lymphatic System
Chapter 2: The Respiratory System
	Respiration's Job
	How Ventilation Works
	Controlling Respiration
	Even More About the Respiratory System!
		External and Internal Respiration
		Partial Pressures of Gases in the Blood
		Acidosis and Alkalosis
		How the Lungs Work
Chapter 3: The Digestive System
	The Alimentary Canal
	The Esophagus and the Stomach
	The Duodenum and the Pancreas
	The Small and Large Intestines
	The Three Major Nutrients
	Even More About the Digestive System!
		The Digestive System in Action
		ATP and the Citric Acid Cycle
		Digestive Fluids and Digestive Enzymes
		The Liver’s Role in Metabolism and Digestion
Chapter 4: The Kidneys and the Renal System
	Filtering the Blood
	Reabsorbing Water and Nutrients
	Disposing of Urine
	Even More About the Kidneys!
		Urine and Homeostasis in the Body
		The Process of Urination
		Monitoring Blood in the Kidneys
		When the Kidneys Stop Working
Chapter 5: Body Fluids
	Humans Are 60 Percent Water
	Osmotic Pressure
	Even More about Body Fluids and the Blood!
		Keeping Hydrated
		What’s in Blood?
Chapter 6: The Brain and Nervous System
	The Nervous System
	Even More About the Nervous System!
		Parts of the Brain
		Structure of the Brain
		Brain Injuries
		The Spinal Cord
		Pathways Through the Body
		Cranial and Spinal Nerves
		The Autonomic Nervous System
Chapter 7: The Sensory Nervous System
	Types of Sensations
	Thresholds and Sensory Adaption
	Even More About the Sensory Nervous System!
		Sight and the Eye
		Hearing and the Ear
		Balance and the Inner Ear
		Smell and the Nose
		Taste and the Tongue
Chapter 8: The Musculoskeletal System
	Muscle Fibers
	Even More About Muscles and Bones!
		Regulating Body Temperature
		Bones and Bone Metabolism
Chapter 9: Cells, Genes, and Reproduction
	Basic Structure of the Cell
	Genes and DNA
	Even More About Cells, Genes, and Reproduction!
		Cell Division
		Sexual Reproduction
Chapter 10: The Endocrine System
	What Is the Endocrine System?
	Balancing Hormone Levels
	Even More About the Endocrine System!
		The Hypothalamus and Pituitary Gland
		The Thyroid and Parathyroid
		Adrenal Glands
		The Pancreas
		Sex Hormones
Epilogue: The Finish Line
Afterword: Creating This Book
About the Author
Production Team for the Japanese Edition
How This Book Was Made
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