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TitleThe Manga Guide to Relativity
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1. What is Relativity?
	1. What is Relativity?
	2. Galilean Principle of Relativity and Newtonian Mechanics
	3. Mystery of the Speed of Light
	4. Einstein Discarded Newtonian Mechanics
	What is Light?
	Light is Constant (And They Prove it Every Day in a Lab Called Spring-8)
	What's Simultaneous Depends on Whom You Ask! (Simultaneity Mismatch)
		Case of Newtonian Velocity Addition (Nonrelativistic Addition)
		Case in Which the Speed of Light is Constant (Relativistic Addition of Velocity)
	Galilean Principle of Relativity and Galilean Transformation
	Differences Between the Galilean Principle of Relativity and Einstein's Special Principle of Relativity
	Wait a Second—What Happens With the Addition of Velocities?
Chapter 2. What Do You Mean, Time Slows Down?
	1. Urashima Effect (Time Dilation)
	2. Why Does Time Slow Down?
	3. The Slowing of Time Mutually Affects Each Party Equally
	4. Looking at the Slowing of Time Using an Equation
	Using the Pythagorean Theorem to Prove Time Dilation
	How Much Does Time Slow Down?
Chapter 3. The Faster an Object Moves, the Shorter and Heavier it Becomes?
	1. Does Length Contract When You Go Faster?
	2. Do You Get Heavier When You Go Faster?
	Using an Equation to Understand Length Contraction (Lorentz Contraction)
	Muons With Extended Life Spans
	Mass When Moving
		Newton's Second Law of Motion
		Galilean Transformation
		Lorentz Transformation
	Relationship Between Energy and Mass
	Does Light Have Zero Mass?
Chapter 4. What is General Relativity?
	1. Equivalence Principle
	2. Light Is Bent by Gravity
	3. Time Is Slowed Down by Gravity
	4. Relativity and the Universe
	The Slowing of Time in General Relativity
	The True Nature of Gravity in General Relativity
	Phenomena Discovered from General Relativity
		Bending of Light (Gravitational Lensing) Near a Large Mass (Such as the Sun)
		Anomalous Perihelion Precession of Mercury
		Black Holes
	Global Positioning System and Relativity

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