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TitleThe Mini Farming Bible: The Complete Guide to Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre
File Size12.8 MB
Total Pages981
Table of Contents
Title Page
Part I: Basics of Mini Farming
	Chapter 1: Overview of Intensive Agriculture
	Chapter 2: How Mini-Farming Works for You
	Chapter 3: Raised Beds
	Chapter 4: Soil Composition and Maintenance
	Chapter 5: Compost
	Chapter 6: Plant Nutrients In-depth
	Chapter 7: Time and Yield
	Chapter 8: Watering and Irrigation
	Chapter 9: Crop Proportions and Sizing
	Chapter 10: Pest and Disease Control
	Chapter 11: Seed Starting
	Chapter 12: Selecting and Saving Seed
	Chapter 13: Season Extension
	Chapter 14: Fruit Trees and Vines
	Chapter 15: Raising Chickens for Eggs
	Chapter 16: Raising Chickens for Meat
	Chapter 17: The Markham Farm Chicken Plucker
	Chapter 18: Public Domain Thresher Designs
	Chapter 19: Preserving the Harvest
	Chapter 20: Selling Your Produce
	Chapter 21: Putting It All Together
Part II: Getting the Most out of Your Vegetables
	Chapter 22: Soil and Fertility
	Chapter 23: Asparagus
	Chapter 24: Beans
	Chapter 25: Beets and Chard
	Chapter 26: Cabbage, Broccoli, and Cauliflower
	Chapter 27: Carrots and Parsnips
	Chapter 28: Corn
	Chapter 29: Cucumbers
	Chapter 30: Greens
	Chapter 31: Herbs
	Chapter 32: Melons
	Chapter 33: Onions
	Chapter 34: Peas
	Chapter 35: Peppers
	Chapter 36: Potatoes
	Chapter 37: Squash
	Chapter 38: Tomatoes
	Chapter 39: Turnips, Rutabagas, and Radishes
Part III: Tools and Techniques
	Chapter 40: Planting Guides and Seeders
	Chapter 41: Heated Water Platform
	Chapter 42: Easy Trellising
	Chapter 43: Weed Control Techniques
Part IV: Making Wine
	Chapter 44: Overview of Winemaking
	Chapter 45: The Science of Wine
	Chapter 46: Ingredients and Techniques
	Chapter 47: Advanced Techniques in Winemaking
Part V: Greater Food Self-Sufficiency
	Chapter 48: Principles and Materials for Vinegar
	Chapter 49: Vinegar Making Techniques
	Chapter 50: Making Cheese at Home
	Chapter 51: Ten Further Secrets of Food Self-Sufficiency
	Chapter 52: Permaculture with Perennial Vegetables

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