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• Risk perception and management

• Freeway driving

• Night driving

• Driving in adverse conditions

• Instructor qualifications and experience

• Regular instructor upgrading

• Student progress and evaluation reports

• Certificate of completion

• Minimum 25 classroom and 10 behind-the-wheel instruction hours

• Training materials

• Use of vehicle for road test

• Certification fee

• Registered educational institution

• Tuition receipts

• Testimonials

• Number of years in business

• Consumer protection insurance

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Stop so you are parallel to the curb and not more than 30 centimetres away. Where there is no
curb, stop as far as possible off the travelled part of the road. Do not stop where you will block an
entrance or other traffic.

Turn around

This driving task includes the actions you take to turn around and ends when you are ready to
drive away in the opposite direction. Remember these points:

Traffic check

Check your mirrors and your blind spot just before starting the turn. Wait until the way is clear or
traffic has stopped to let you turn. Each time you stop while turning, check traffic in both


Turn on your left signal before starting to turn.

Turn around

With the steering wheel turned sharply left, move slowly and smoothly across the road. When
you have reached the far left side of the road, stop and put your vehicle in reverse. With the
steering wheel turned sharply right, reverse so the vehicle is facing in the new direction. Stop and
shift into forward gear to move ahead. Use the whole road to make your turn, reversing only
once. Do not reverse over the edge or shoulder of the road or into the curb.


This driving task begins when you are turned around, ready to move ahead and ends when you
have returned to normal traffic speed. Make sure you take these actions:

Traffic check

Check your mirrors before increasing speed.


Return to normal traffic speed by accelerating smoothly to blend with the traffic around you. In
light traffic, accelerate moderately. In heavier traffic, you may have to accelerate more quickly. In
a vehicle with manual transmission, shift gears as you increase speed.

Diagram 6-11-1

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