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TitleThe Personality Puzzle
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Table of Contents
                            Cover (The Personality Puzzle)
Front Matter
	Half Title
	About the Author
	Contents in Brief
Chapter 1 - The Study of the Person
	The Goals of Personality Psychology
	The Plan of This Book
	Pigeonholing Versus Appreciation of Individual Differences
	Wrapping It Up
Part I - The Science of Personality: Methods and Assessment
	Chapter 2 Personality Research Methods
		Psychology’s Emphasis on Method
		Personality Data
		Research Design
		Wrapping It Up
	Chapter 3 Assessment, Effect Size, and Ethics
		The Nature of Personality Assessment
		The Business of Testing
		Personality Tests
		Evaluating Assessment and Research
		Ethical Issues
		Wrapping It Up
Part II - How People Differ: The Trait Approach
	Chapter 4 - Personality Traits, Situations, and Behavior
		The Trait Approach
		People Are Inconsistent
		The Person-Situation Debate
		Personality and Life
		Persons and Situations
		People Are Different
		Wrapping It Up
	Chapter 5 - Personality Judgment
		Consequences of Everyday Judgments of Personality
		The Accuracy of Personality Judgment
		Accuracy Matters
		Wrapping It Up
	Chapter 6 - Using Personality Traits to Understand Behavior
		The Single-Trait Approach
		The Many-Trait Approach
		The Essential-Trait Approach
		Typological Approaches to Personality
		From Assessment to Understanding
		Wrapping It Up
	Chapter 7 - Personality Stability, Development, and Change
		Personality Stability
		Personality Development
		Personality Change
		Principles of Personality Continuity and Change
		Is Personality Change Good or Bad?
		Wrapping It Up
Part III - The Mind and the Body: Biological Approaches to Personality
	Chapter 8 - The Anatomy and Physiology of Personality
		The Anatomy of Personality
		The Biochemistry of Personality
		The Big Five and the Brain
		Biology: Cause and Effect
		Wrapping It Up
	Chapter 9 - The Inheritance of Personality: Behavioral Genetics and Evolutionary Psychology
		Behavioral Genetics
		Evolutionary Personality Psychology
		Inheritance Is the Beginning, Not the End
		Will Biology Replace Psychology?
		Wrapping It Up
Part IV - The Hidden World of the Mind: The Psychoanalytic Approach
	Chapter 10 - Basics of Psychoanalysis
		Freud Himself
		The Key Ideas of Psychoanalysis
		Psychoanalysis, Life, and Death
		Psychological Development: “Follow the Money”
		Thinking and Consciousness
		Anxiety and Defense
		Psychoanalysis as a Therapy and as a Route Toward Understanding
		Psychoanalytic Theory: A Critique
		Why Study Freud?
		Wrapping It Up
	Chapter 11 - Psychoanalysis After Freud: Neo-Freudians, Object Relations, and Current 
		Interpreting Freud
		Latter-Day Issues and Theorists
		Current Psychoanalytic Research
		Psychoanalysis in Perspective
		Wrapping It Up
Part V - Experience and Awareness: Humanistic and Cross-Cultural Psychology
	Chapter 12 - Experience, Existence, and the Meaning of Life: Humanistic and Positive Psychology
		Phenomenology: Awareness Is Everything
		Optimistic Humanism: Rogers and Maslow
		Personal Constructs: Kelly
		Flow: Csikszentmihalyi
		Self-Determination Theory: Deci and Ryan
		Positive Psychology
		The Implications of Phenomenology
		Wrapping It Up
	Chapter 13 - Cultural Variation in Experience, Behavior, and Personality
		Culture and Psychology
		The Importance of Cross-Cultural Differences
		Characteristics of Cultures
		Cultural Assessment and Personality Assessment
		The Origins of Cultural Differences
		Challenges and New Directions for Cross-Cultural Research
		The Universal Human Condition
		Wrapping It Up
Part VI - What Personality Does: Learning, Thinking, Feeling, and Knowing
	Chapter 14 - Learning to Be a Person: Behaviorism and the Social Learning Theories
		Social Learning Theory
		The Cognitive-Affective Personality System
		Contributions and Limitations of Learning Approaches to Personality
		Behaviorism and Personality
		Wrapping It Up
	Chapter 15 - Personality Processes: Perception, Thought, Motivation, and Emotion
		The Historical Roots of Research Into Personality Processes
		Personality as a Verb
		Wrapping It Up
	Chapter 16 - The Self: What You Know About You
		The I and the Me
		The Contents and Purposes of the Self
		The Declarative Self
		The Procedural Self
		How Many Selves?
		The Really Real Self
		Wrapping It Up
	Chapter 17 - Personality, Mental Health, and Physical Health
		Personality and Mental Health: Personality Disorders
		Personality and Physical Health
		The Healthy Personality
		Wrapping It Up
		Which Approach Is Right?
		What Have We Learned?
		The Quest for Understanding
		Wrapping It Up
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