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TitleThe Rebel's Guide to Email Marketing: Grow Your List, Break the Rules, and Win
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Table of Contents
                            Introduction: Email Marketing Is (Not) Dead
	Email Is Dead?
		2.9 Billion
		Email versus Email Marketing
		The ROI of Email Marketing
	What to Expect from This Book
I The Secret to Email Marketing: List Growth
	1 Why List Growth Matters
		List Churn and List Fatigue
		A Few Words about Effective Tactics
	2 How to Grow Your List
		Making the Opt-In Process Obvious and Easy
		Asking Website Visitors to Subscribe
		Using Humor and Creativity to Increase Opt-Ins
		Using Technology: QR Codes and Smartphone Apps to Grow Your List
		Use Social Media
		Providing Incentive (WIIFM—What’s In It For Me?)
		Growing Your Email List Offline
	3 Let’s Get Technical
		To Pre-check or Not to Pre-check
		Explain the Email List Sign-Up Process
		Send a Welcome Email
		Remember, Make a Good First Impression
II The Anatomy of an Email
	4 Examining an Email’s Body Parts
		The Subject Line and From Address
		The Preheader
		The Header
		Table of Contents
		Main Call to Action
		Secondary Calls to Action
		Sharing Your Email
		The Footer
	5 The First Impression
		From Name and Subject Line
		You Don’t Need a Second Chance Do You?
	6 The Meat and Potatoes
		Table of Contents
			Zappos’s Digest TOC Email
			MarketingProfs’s Approach to Email Table of Contents
		Main Calls to Action
		Secondary and Tertiary Calls to Action
		Buttons vs. Links vs. Images
	7 The Finishing Touches
		Social Sharing and Social Connecting
		Providing Unsubscribe Options
III Breaking the Rules
	8 Are Best Practices Really “Best”?
		Best Practices Are Practices That Are Best for You
		Test and Test Often
		What to Expect
	9 My Word! You Must Read This Now!
		Email Subject Line Words to Avoid
			King Arthur Flour: Achieving Higher Sales Using All Caps and FREE
			Tumbleweed: More Opens and Click-Throughs Using All Caps and Free
		The Proper Length of a Subject Line
			Measuring Success
			Evidence in Favor of Long Subject Lines
		The Most Incredible Chapter Ever
	10 The Perfect-Looking Email
		It’s Okay to Send Mostly Text Emails
			Some Subscribers Prefer Simple Text Emails
			Writing Letters Versus Pamphlets
			Text Emails Have a Clean Look
			Text Works for B2C Marketers, Too!
		One Big Image Can Work
			King Arthur Flour’s Image-Heavy Emails
			Making Mostly Image Emails More Readable
		What If the Unsubscribe Link Is at the Top of the Email?
			The Most Headache-inducing, Eye-searing Graphic Possible
			Groupon’s Creative Unsubscribe Solution
		Test the Rules; Don’t Just Break Them Outright
		Beauty Is in the Eye of the Subscriber
			Ugly Emails That Consistently Perform Well
			A Split Test of Ugly Versus Pretty
			Making Assumptions and Challenging Them
	11 The Best Ways to Grow Your List
		Spiders, Scorpions, Snakes...and Popups
			Installing a Lightbox to Increase Opt-Ins
			Using Lightboxes on Blogs
			Adding Lightboxes on a B2C Site
			Park City Mountain Resort Tests a Popup on Its Winter 2010 Website
		Choosing an Opt-In: Single or Double
			Making the Case for Double Opt-In
			Making the Case for Single Opt-In
			Village Voice Media Moves from Double to Single Opt-In: Sees Significant List Growth
		Sending Emails Without Permission
			Sending an “Opt-Out” Email
			Using an eAppend
			Buying an Email List
		Coming Full Circle
IV Batman (Email Marketing) and Robin (Social Media)
	12 How Email and Social Media Go Together
		Batman and Robin
		Email: The Digital Glue of Social Media
		Social Connecting vs. Social Sharing vs. Social Promoting
			Social Connecting
			Social Sharing
			Social Promoting
	13 The Power of Pairs
		Social Connecting
		Using Email Marketing to Grow Your Social Following
		Using Email Marketing to Grow Facebook Likes and Revenue
		Social Sharing
		Show Me the Money: How One Online Retailer Netted $250,000 Using SWYN
		Social Promoting
			Using Social Media to Grow Your Email List and Make Money
		A Truly Integrated Email Marketing and Social Media Campaign
		Two Is Better Than One
V The Future of Email Marketing
	14 What’s Next?
		The Current State of Email Marketing
		Email Marketing Predictions
	15 Go Forth and Conquer
		What You Know
		What Now?
		Four Steps to Email Marketing Success
			1. Grow Your List
			2. Plan Your Content
			3. Determine Success Metrics
			4. Send, Test, Analyze, Adjust, Repeat
		And Now, It’s Your Turn
	A Your Prize

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