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TitleThe Shift; The Transformation of Today's Marketers into Tomorrow's Growth Leaders,
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Table of Contents
                            THE SHIFT: The Transformation of Today's Marketers into Tomorrow's Growth Leaders
	Preface: It's All About Growth
		Five Aspects of The Shift
		Why Should I Change? I’m Okay
		Building the Case for the Marketer as Growth Champion and Catalyst
		The Time Is Now
	Introduction: Preparing to Make The Shift
		Voices from the Front Line
		The Reason Most CEOs (Including Yours) Don’t Shift
		If CEO s Do Not Want to Shift, How Can We?
		Can You Shift? Look First at Your Marketing Organization Archetype
		Archetypes and Success Enablers Combine to Show the Best
	Chapter 1: THE FIRST SHIFT From Creating Marketing Strategies to Driving Business Impact
		Insights: Your Secret Weapon
		Power in a P&L Mind-Set
		Cementing the First Shift: Earning Organizational Credibility and Trust
		How to Set the Growth Agenda
		Aligning Business and Marketing Strategies
		Capturing the CEO’s Imagination
		Visionary Marketers' Twelve Strategic Growth Topics
		Your Five-Step Plan to Victory
		Keeping the Dialogue on Track
	Chapter 2: THE SECOND SHIFT From Controlling the Message to Galvanizing Your Network
		The Network Era
		Thriving in the Network Era
		Network Touch Points
		So Why Isn’t Everyone Galvanizing Their Network?
	Chapter 3: THE THIRD SHIFT From Incremental Improvements to Pervasive Innovation
		Pervasive Innovation
		A Shift Toward Customer-Led Innovation
		What Visionary Marketers Can Learn from Model Innovators
		Fusing Visionary Marketing and Innovation
	Chapter 4: THE FOURTH SHIFT From Managing Marketing Investments to Inspiring Marketing Excellence
		Marketing Excellence, Growth, and Accountability
		Why Marketing Must Change Now
		What the “Big M” Marketing Shift Requires
		Experimentation at the Core of Success
		A Few More Questions
	Chapter 5: THE FIFTH SHIFT From an Operational Focus to a Relentless Customer Focus
		The Realities of a Relentless Focus on the Customer
		Start Working Inward from the Customer
		Inspire the Organization to Align Differently
		A Bottom-Up Transformation Approach: Making a Business Case to Relentlessly Focus on the Customer
		Visionary Marketers’ Additional Transformational Igniters
		The Evolution of Brand Councils to Growth Councils for Organizational Transformations
		Organizational Transformation: Corporate Versus Business Unit, Centralized Versus Decentralized
		We’re All in This Together
	Afterword: Shifting Is Not Easy

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