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TitleThe Theban oracle : discover the magic of the ancient alphabet that changes lives
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Table of Contents
                            Title Page
Note to the Reader
Chapter One: The Occult Arts and Sciences: An Introduction to Medieval Metaphysics
Chapter Two: Introduction to the Theban Alphabet and Its Mysterious History
	Honorius of Thebes: Secret Chronicler of the Ancients
	Ancient Wisdom of the Theban Oracle
Chapter Three: Outline and General Rules for Drawing the Theban Stones
	The Process
Chapter Four: Clarification and Methodology of the Theban Oracle
	The Journey Ahead, Change, a New Development
	Intellect, Pride, Divine Wisdom, Abundance
	An Inner Power, Self-Realization, Divine Understanding
	Self-Restraint, Reflection, Flow, Transformation
	Friendship, Distinguished Companionship, Partnership
	A Warning, Fear, Ignorance Self-Loathing
	The Sovereign Feminine Spirit, Inward Wisdom, the Pursuit of Enlightenment
	Concentration, Thought, Wise Decisions
	Life Cycle, Natural Order, Cosmic Upheaval
	Discipline, Regulation, Self-Order, Divine Nourishment
	Stagnation, Languishing, Persecution, Surrender
	Rage, Negative Temperament, Ending of Innocence
	Willpower, a Crusade, a Priceless Gift
	Divine Understanding, Angelic Overseeing, Transitional Harmony
	A Sacrifice, Solitude, the Sacred Quest
	Endurance, Steadfastness, Rectification, Balance
	Interference, Disturbance, Submission, Withdrawal
	Wealth, a Tribute, a Spiritual Path, the Unseen
	Tranquility, Simplicity, Joy
	The True Male Significance, Divine Silence, Emotional Transition
	Darkness and Light, Coexisting Differences, Misconception, Judgment
	Cherubic Protection, Security, Divine Mortality
	A Portal or Entrance, an Elevated Transposition
	Ending Stone
	Ending to a Life Process, Life Transition, Concurrence
	Mystery Stone
	An Unknowable Path, the Mystery of Arcane Origins, Spiritual Freedom
Chapter Five: Medieval Metaphysics and the Quest for Truth and Enlightenment
Chapter Six: Using the Theban Stones for Goodly Spell Casting
	Spells and Rituals for Love-Related Issues
	Theban Incense and Oil Spells for Purification and Protection
	Theban Candle Magick
Chapter Seven: Constructing and Caring for Your Theban Stones
	Protection and Cleansing Techniques
Appendix: Theban Association Chart
	Web Page References
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