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TitleThe Ultimate Prepper’s Guide How to Make Sure the End of the World as We Know It Isn’t the End of Your World
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Table of Contents
                            Title Page
Part 1: Be Prepared
	Where to Start
		Getting into the Prepper’s Mindset
		Preparing Your Family for an Emergency
		The Right Tools
		Who Needs a Tactical Knife?
		First-Aid 101
		Preparing for a Medical Emergency
	Stocking Up
		Water Storage
		Planning Your Long-Term Storage Pantry
		The Specifics of Food Storage
		Have Access to Alternative Energy Sources
	Home Security and Self-Defense
		Survival Retreats
		Reinforcing Your Home
		Home Defense Firearms
		Defending the Home with a Firearm
		Carrying a Concealed Firearm
Part 2: When Disaster Strikes
	Immediate Concerns
		How to Recognize the Arrival of Day One
		Managing a Disaster
		Personal Requirements for Disaster Survival
		Shutting Off the Utilities
		Emergency Heating and Cooling
		When the Power Goes Out
		Medical Assessment System
		Emergency First-Aid
	Shelters, Evacuations, and “Bug-Out-Bags”
		Shelter and Evacuation
		Know When To Go
		Building the Ideal Bug Out Bag
	Specific Events
		Winter Storm
		Thunderstorm & Lightning
		Chemical Spill
		Biological Infection or Outbreak
		Nuclear Event
		Terrorist Attack
		Civil Unrest
Part 3: Surviving Without Much
	Survival Basics
		Conditions Affecting Survival
		Ropes and Knots
		Basic Knife Skills
		Field Navigation
	Food and Water
		Finding Drinking Water
		Basic Food Survival Rules
		Edible and Medicinal Plants
		Basic Tracking and Stalking Techniques
		Snaring and Trapping
		Guide to the Hunting Rifle
		Simple Methods for Cleaning and Cooking Fish
		Field Dressing a Deer
		Skinning: Six Quick and Easy Steps
		Preparing Small Game
		Fire Starting
		The Primal Gourmet
	Health and Hygiene
		Hygiene in the Field
		Boots and Foot Care
		Wilderness First-Aid
	Specific Environments
		Jungle Environment
		Mountain and Arctic Environment
		Desert Environment
		Ocean Environment
Part 4: Becoming More Self-Sufficient
		Creating a Personal Sustainability Plan
		Powering Down
	Water Gathering and Farming
		Stills and Wells
		Green Solar-Powered Water Barrel
		How Mini-Farming Works for You
		Planning to Grow
		Seed Starting
		Getting the Most Out of Your Vegetables
		Greenhouse from Old Windows
		Old-Time Jerky Making
	Energy Sufficiency
		Leaving the Grid: Energy
		Geothermal Energy
		How I Built an Electricity-Producing Wind Turbine
		Build a 60 Watt Solar Panel
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