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TitleThe White House Years, 1968-72
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PART ONE - Beginnings
	I - An Invitation
	II - Period of Innocence: The Transition
	III - The Convictions of anApprentice Statesman
PART TWO - 1969: The Start Of the Journey
	IV - European Journey
	V - Opening Moves with Moscow
	VI - First Steps toward China
	VII - Defense Policy and Strategy
	VIII - The Agony of Vietnam
	IX - Early Test in Asia
	X - Words and Shadows: Evolution of Middle East Strategy
	XI - The Uneasy Alliance: Europe and the United States
PART THREE - 1970 - 1971:From Turmoil To Hope
	XII - The War Widens
	XIII - The Soviet Riddle: Europe, SALT, and a Summit
	XIV - Middle East 1970
	XV - The Autumn of Crises: Jordan
	XVI - The Autumn of Crises: Soviet Submarine Base At Cienfuegos
	XVII - The Autumn of Crises: Chile
	XVIII - An Invitation to Peking
	XIX - The Journey to Peking
	XX - US—Soviet Relations: Breakthrough on Two Fronts
	XXI - The Tilt:The India-Pakistan Crisis of 1971
	XXII - Crisis in the Alliance: The Mansfield Amendment and the Economic Confrontation
	XXIII - Vietnam 1970-71: Forcing Hanoi’s Hand
PART FOUR - 1972: From War To Peace
	XXIV - Nixon’s Trip to China
	XXV - Hanoi Throws the Dice:The Vietnam Spring Offensive
	XXVI - The Secret Trip to Moscow
	XXVII - The Showdown: Mining of North Vietnamese Harbors
	XXVIII - The Moscow Summit
	XXIX - Summit Aftermath
	XXX - Sadat Expels the Soviets
	XXXI - From Stalemate to Breakthrough
	XXXII - The Troubled Road to Peace
“Peace Is at Hand”
	XXXIV - Peace at Last
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