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The Touch of God
	Cover Page
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	Table of Contents
Chapter  1 - Understanding the Anointing
	Laying the Foundation
	Having an Understanding of the Anointing
	What Is the Anointing?
	God's Electricity
	Don't Try to Explain Away the Supernatural
	Hollywood Hype and a World Wresting
	Federation Spirit in the Church
	Are You Tired of Hype?
	Some Are Afraid to Lose Control
	Not By Might Nor By Power
	The Anointing Destroys the Yoke
	Go With the Flow
	In My Name Cast Out Devils
	The Anointing Is the Equipment
	God’s Ability Upon Man
	The Anointing is Like the Wind
Chapter  2 - The Anointing on the Life and Ministry of Jesus
	In Him Dwelt the Fullness of the Godhead Bodily
	Jesus Stood in Every One of the Fivefold Ministries
	God Calls and God Anoints
	The Gospel Doesn't Rest on One Individual Alone
	Give Him all the Glory
Chapter  3 - The Anointing on Every Believer
	Old Testament Prophets, Priests, and Kings New Testament Kings and Priests
	The Well and the River
	Power to Be a Witness
	The Anointing on the Ministry of Helps
	Who Falls into this Category?
Chapter  4 - The Fivefold Ministry and the Call of God
	The Apostle
	The Prophet
	The Evangelist
	The Pastor
	The Teacher
	These Are Heavenly Gifts to the Church Given by Jesus
	The Misuse of a Position of Authority
	Accountability to the Word
	Every Man Will Be Brought Low
	Some Are Called, Some Are Sent, Others Bought a Microphone and Went
	The Ministry is Spelled W- O- R- K
	The Call of God
	Despise Not the Day of Small Beginnings
	You Need Something That You Can Fall Back On
	Paying the Price
	Don't Go Without a Message
	Such As I Have
	Prepare and Press In
Chapter  5 - Different Kinds of Anointings
	There Is an Anointing to Preach
	Reprove, Rebuke, and Exhort
	The Art of Persuasion
	There Is an Anointing to Teach
	Keep the Message Simple
	Starving Sheep and Constipated Shepherds
	There Is an Anointing to Heal
	Healing Through the Word
	Healing Through the Gifts
	Healing Through the Laying on of Hands
	Different Callings Mean Different Anointings
	Different Strokes for Different Folks
	It's All in the Anointing
Chapter  6 - How To Increase the Anointing
	A Relationship and Not a Formula
	A Person, Not a Language
	Having an Encounter with God
	The Life of Prayer
	A Lifestyle of Prayer
	Different Rules for Different Prayers
	Is God a Captive in His Own Heavens?
	Honey, I Blew up the Devil and other Nintendo Games
	Pulling Down Strongholds in the Mind or Heavenlies?
	What Did Jesus Do?
	There Is a True Intercession
	Fact or Fiction?
	The Red Rag Mentality
	The Study of the Word of God
	Don't Throw Arrows in the Dark
	The Gospel Is Simple
	Having a Hearing Ear
	He That Has Ears to Hear
	The Case of the Broken Telephone
	Perfect Timing
	Charismatic Gurus, Have You Had Your Fortune Told Lately, and Other Horror Stories
	Following the Ministry of Jesus
	You Will Be Like Those You Hang Around
	Looking For a Man; Missing Your Miracle
	Looking for the Missing Pieces of the Puzzle
	Being Faithful to the Call of God
	A Case of the Forgotten Son
	Success Is Doing What God Has Called You to Do
	Legends in Their Own Mind
	The Danger of Forgetting WhereYou've Come From
	It Doesn't Come Overnight
	The Importance of Worship
	Integrity in Life and Ministry
	Man Looks on the Outside; God Looks on the Heart
	God Takes the Foolish Things to Confound the Wise
	A New Testament Example
	Character and the Fruit of the Spirit
	Counting the Cost
	Coming Ready or Not
	When I Am Weak Then I Am Strong
	What Are You Made Of?
	You Have to Start at ABC to Get to XYZ
	There Is a Time to Come Forth
	Two Kinds of Ministries
Chapter  7 - My Testimony - When God First Anointed Me
	When You Grow Up in the Fire, You Cannot Stand the Smell of Smoke
	The Family That Prays Together Stays Together
	Hungry and Thirsty for God
	Baptism of Fire
	Drunk on the New Wine
Chapter  8 - How To Release and Transfer the Anointing
	The Day My Ministry Changed
	Hey, This One's Loaded!
	Call All Those Who Want a Blessing
	This Is That
	It's All Me and Nothing to Do with You
	The Scripture that Became a Reality to Me
	The Touch of Faith
	Placing a Demand on the Anointing
	Methods and Results
	God Is a God of Diversity
	To Disagree Without Being Disagreeable Is Not Compromise; It's Maturity
Chapter  9 - Do You Have Fresh or Stale Oil?
	Stop Living on Yesterday's Bread
	A Church That Is Ready
	The Holy Spirit is Symbolized by Oil
	The Coming of the Bridegroom
	Many Are Not Ready
	Ready for Anything
	An Empty Lamp at Midnight
	Prepare Your Heart
	A Fresh Outpouring
	A Hardened Heart
	The Sin of Unbelief
	Judgment Must Begin at the House of God
	We Are on the Brink of the Greatest Move of God
	Don't Die Without the Anointing
	Are You Hungry?
	Look What Happened to Saul
Chapter 10 - The Powers of the World to Come
	Come to the Paradise
	The Joy of the Holy Ghost
	It All Began When We Got Hungry for God to Move
	The Most Amazing Thing Happened
	This Is Just like Heaven
	It Is Time to Grow Into Maturity
	It Is a Joy Unspeakable and Full of Glory
	Not a One-Time Experience
Chapter 11 - The Abuse of the Anointing
	So Heavenly Minded, No Earthly Good
	Why Have the Mighty Fallen?
	Pitfall One: The Lust of the Flesh Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
	Excesses in the Message
	The Clash of the Titans
	Competition in the Ministry
	We Have Brought the World into the Church Instead of Taking the Church into the World
	You Cannot Buy the Anointing
	The Games Some Preachers Play
	It All Revolves Around Jealousy
	The Leprosy of Namaan Has Come to the Church
	I Believe in Prosperity
	Pitfall Two: The Pride of Life Pride Comes Before the Fall
	Let This Mind Be in You
	Pitfall Three: The Lust of the Eyes
	A Solid Marriage Equals a Solid Ministry
	Marriage Is Honorable and the Bed Undefiled
Chapter 12 - How to Maintain the Anointing
	The Importance of Rest
	Times of Refreshing
	The Fruit of Patience
	Taking Control Over Your Circumstances
	Two Choices to Make
	Everyone Faces a Giant
	It Takes a Quality Decision
	The Prayer of Repentance
	Do Not Deceive Yourselves
	God Anoints the Truth
Chapter 13 - The Ministry of Laying on of Hands
	If It's Good Enough for Jesus, Then It's Good Enough for Me
	Empty Hands on Empty Heads
	You Have to Place a Demand on the Anointing
	Don't Let Just Anyone Lay Hands on You
	There Is a Ministry of Impartation
	Why Are the People Not Touched?
	Living in a Higher Realm
	There Is a Transference
	Faith on Both Sides of the Cloth
	Cooperating with the Anointing
	Awesome Displays of God's Power
Chapter 14 - Message on the Anointing Samson- A Type of the Church
	Samson Was Called to a Special Ministry
	The Key to Samson's Anointing
	Reduced to the Point of His Fall
	The Enemy Wants to Steal the Anointing From Our Lives
	You Cannot Live in Two Kingdoms
	Playing with the Anointing
	The Prostitute and the Gates
	The Enemy Is Looking for the Key to the Anointing
	Playing on the Cliff of Your Life
	Don't Touch Your Hair
	I Said, Don't Touch Your Hair
	The Anointing Has Left and Some Don't Know It
	The Results of Losing the Anointing
	Doing the Work of a Donkey
	Anoint Me One More Time
Scriptures About the Anointing
	1. Anoint
	2. Anointed
	3. Anointing
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