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Maserati Academy

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Wheel suspension – Skyhook

The base suspension design of every Maserati is derived from competition. Double

light alloy oscillating triangles front and rear are attached to a subframe and

incorporate anti-dive and anti-squat kinematics. This is the best configuration for

supreme handling and driving precision. Depending on the model version, Skyhook

electronically controlled adaptive damping system is applied.

“Skyhook” adaptive damping system

The system consists of the following components:

• 4 electronically controlled shock absorbers that can instantly and gradually adjust

between maximum rigid (for better handling) and maximum soft (for maximum

driving comfort) positions.

• 5 acceleration sensors that monitor in real time the movement of the vehicle‟s body

and the vertical movement of the wheels.

• A central ECU that receives information form the acceleration sensors and various

driving parameters, and adjust in real time the damping settings.

1. Front adjustable shock absorbers

2. Rear adjustable shock absorbers

3. Electronic control unit (Sachs)

4. Front wheel acceleration sensors

5. Body vertical acceleration sensors

Technical Concepts

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