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TitleUltimate Guide to Google AdWord
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Table of Contents
                            Title Page
Preface: Wait! Before You Read This Book . . .
	If You’re a Rank Beginner
	If You’re a Veteran Pay-Per-Click Marketer
	Advanced Material for Go-Getter Google Advertisers
Chapter 1. Chisel Your Way In: Frank Talk about the Google AdWords of Today
	The Three Niche Domination Strategies of Google Adwords
Chapter 2. How to Force Prospects to Choose Your Site: Make Them Buy from You, Not Your Competition
	Here’s How to Make Sure They Find You and Buy from You—Not Someone Else
Chapter 3. Keywords: AdWords Success Starts Here
	How to Find the Most Profitable Keywords
	How to Get the Most from Google’s Keyword Planner
	Step Up Your Game Using Keyword Matching Options
	Your Quick Action Summary
Chapter 4. How to Write Google Ads: Attract Eyeballs, Get Clicks, and Earn Money
	Great Headlines: Riveting to Your Customer, Dead Boring to Anyone Else
	Your Ad Text: Where Your Inner Salesman Comes Alive
	The “Goldilocks Theory”: Why the Best AdWords Ads Are Never Over the Top
	Focusing Your Ads to Save $$$ on Clicks
	If the Guys at the Bar Will Buy It, You’ve Got a Winning Ad
Chapter 5. Chisel Your Way in with Bionic Google Ads
	Six Different Versions of One Ad
Chapter 6. Ads That Pass the Test: Editorial Guidelines and Split Testing
	Follow the Editorial Guidelines and Keep Google Happy
	Disapproved Ads
	See in Advance How Your Ads Will Look on the Preview Page
	Systematically Grow Your CTR with Split Testing
Chapter 7. Campaign Settings
	The Perfect Settings for a New Campaign
	More Settings to Save You Money and Increase Clicks
	Your Quick Action Summary
Chapter 8. The Winning Method the World’s Smartest Marketers Stole from the Wright Brothers
	How the Wright Brothers’ Savvy Testing Method Made Them “First in Flight”
	People Who Test, Fly. People Who Rely on Brute Force, Die.
	Marketing Misery: Not Necessary
Chapter 9. Vanquish the Thickest Competition with a Killer USP
	Six Essential Elements of a Power USP
Chapter 10. Conversion Tracking: How to Know Where Every Penny You Spend Is Going
	The Four Types of Conversions You’ll Want To Track
	How to Set Up Conversion Tracking the Right Way
	Take Advantage of Analytics
	Your Quick Action Summary
Chapter 11. Landing Pages: Making Powerful First Impressions That Convert
	What Is a Landing Page?
	Maintain the “Scent”
	The Two People You Need to Keep Happy
	The Essential Landing Page Checklist
	Give Your Web Developer the Day Off: Create Your Own Landing Page
	Your Quick Action Summary
Chapter 12. Bidding Strategies: Tools to Keep Your Spending Smart
	Start with Manual Bids
	Where Do You Set Bids?
	Bid Strategies
	What Is Smart Bidding?
	Upping Your Game with Bid Adjustments
	Risky! Beware of Bid Stacking
	Your Quick Action Summary
Chapter 13. Supercharge Your Clickthrough Rates with Ad Extensions
	Ad Extension #1: Sitelinks
	Ad Extension #2: Callout Extensions
	Ad Extension #3: Structured Snippets
	Ad Extension #4: Call Extensions
	Ad Extension #5: Location
	Ad Extension #6: Price
	Ad Extension #7: Message
	Other Extensions
	Automatic Extensions
	Your Quick Action Summary
Chapter 14. How to Get Your Ads on Millions of Websites with Google’s Display Network
	Display vs. Search
	Is Google’s Display Network Worth the Effort?
	Hit the Bull’s-Eye by Carefully Choosing Your Target
	Ad Options
	The Display Grid
	Display Planner and All the Clever Ways You Can Bid
	Selecting GDN Offers
	Your Quick Action Summary
Chapter 15. Remarketing: The Single Most Profitable Online Advertising Strategy
	First, Update Your Privacy Policy
	Create Your Code
	How to Build an “Audience” to Remarket To
	How Long Do I Keep People on My List?
	How to Create a Remarketing Campaign
	How to Write Remarketing Ads That Get Clicks and Conversions
	Should You Try Customized Landing Pages?
	Some Advanced Remarketing Tips
	Your Quick Action Summary
Chapter 16. YouTube Advertising: Billions of Eyeballs for Pennies by Tom Breeze
	What Works on YouTube?
	Targeting on YouTube
	Putting It All Together
	Your Quick Action Summary
Chapter 17. Niche Domination, Part 1: Chisel in Where the Chiseling Is Easy
	Three Signs of an Overlooked Niche
	The 80/20 Survey Technique for Hyper-Responsive Intelligence
	The 80/20 Protocol
	Your Quick Action Summary
Chapter 18. Niche Domination, Part 2: Playing Games You Can Win
	The “Working Stiff to $400 Million” Niche Domination Strategy
	How Is it Possible That Richard Koch Bats 50 Percent When Most Venture Capital Firms Are Delighted to Bat 5–10 Percent?
	Success Through Elimination
Chapter 19. “Deep 80/20”: It’s Not What You Think . . . and I Can’t Tell You How Profitable It Is!
	Back When I Thought I Understood 80/20
	80/20 Applies to Just About Everything You Can Measure in a Business
	80/20 Isn’t Just Two Groups, i.e., “the 80” and “the 20”
	There’s an 80/20 Inside Every 80/20!
	You Can Overlay Multiple 80/20s and Double Your Mojo
	80/20 Is Why “Peel and Stick” Is So Powerful!
	Perfectionism Can Get in Your Way!
	The Myth of the Long Tail
	Some 80/20 Rules of Thumb
Chapter 20. How to Get Customers to Eat Out of Your Hand: Get the Biggest Money from Your Customers When You Give Them Exactly What They Want to Buy
	How to Be Sure There’s a More Profitable Market for Your Idea by Developing a Product After Your Customers Tell You What They Want
	What You Learn When This Doesn’t Work the First Time Out
Chapter 21. Quality Score: Making Google’s “Bozo Filter” Work for You
	Google Pays You to Be Relevant!
	What’s Your Quality Score?
	So What Factors Go into Quality Score?
	How to Improve Your Quality Score
	Three Myths about Quality Score
	Your Quick Action Summary
Chapter 22. Google’s Search Partner Network: Gold Mine or Land Mine?
	How to Chisel Your Way in to the Search Partner Network
	Your Quick Action Summary
Chapter 23. Impression Share: Get More of the Right Eyeballs to See Your Offer
	How to Find Your Impression Share Numbers
	How to Improve Your Impression Share
	You Can See Your Competitors’ Impression Share, Too
	Your Quick Action Summary
Chapter 24. Keep Your Campaigns Purring Like a Kitten: The $1,000-per-Hour Job Most People Don’t Show Up For
	Ongoing Management: Checks
	Ongoing Management: Optimizing
	Ongoing Management: Expansion
	How to Audit and Diagnose Problems Quickly
	Your Quick Action Summary
Chapter 25. Creating Your Own Remarketing Grid
	What Is a Remarketing Grid?
	Why Use It?
	How to Set Up Your Remarketing Grid
	Your Quick Action Summary
Chapter 26. Remarketing: Lists for Search Ads (RLSA): The World’s Most Profitable Form of Traffic . . . Now Available on Google Search
	What Are Remarketing Lists for Search Ads?
	Your Quick Action Summary
Chapter 27. Advanced Campaign Types: Polishing Your Competitive Edge
	Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs)
	Call-Only Campaigns
	Your Quick Action Summary
Chapter 28. Google’s Display Network: The Greatest Testing Playground in History
	The Power of a Blind Test
	“Test the Forest” First
	Which Type of Ad Should I Start With?
	How to Create Gorgeous Ads
	How to Keep Your Ads in Google’s Good Graces
	GDN Landing Pages
	Advanced Bidding on the Display Network
	Customer Match
	Gmail Ads
	Your Quick Action Summary
Chapter 29. Google Analytics: Know Exactly Where Your Visitors Come From and Where They’re Going
	A Million-Dollar Ad Tracking Discovery from My First Big Client
	What Happens After the Click?
	First Step: Macro Conversions vs. Micro
	Assigning Values to Your Goals
	How to Get AdWords and Analytics Talking to Each Other
	Analytics Remarketing
	Google Tag Manager (GTM)
	Your Quick Action Summary
Chapter 30. Google Shopping Campaigns: A Huge ROI Boost for eCommerce
	How to Set Up a Google Shopping Campaign
	How to Get Your Google Shopping Campaign Up and Running
	Negative Keywords
	Getting Advanced
	Ongoing Management of Your Shopping Campaigns
	Feed Optimization
	Your Quick Action Summary
Chapter 31. AdWords Editor: Your Power Tool for Managing Campaigns with Ease
	Who Is the AdWords Editor For?
	Your Quick Action Summary
Chapter 32. AdWords Scripts: Automate the Grunt Work
	What Are Scripts?
	Why Use Scripts?
	How to Set Up a Script
	Useful and Simple Scripts (Freebies!)
	Your Quick Action Summary
Chapter 33. AdWords Experiments: Test and Succeed with Little Risk
	Campaign Drafts and Experiments
	Why Use Experiments?
	How to Set Up Your Experiment
	Types of Experiments
	Measure Your Results
	Roll It Out
	Your Quick Action Summary
Chapter 34. How to Hire the Right AdWords Agency
	A Word of Warning Before You Outsource
	What Payment Model Should You Follow?
	11 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Agency
	Who Will Have Ownership of Your Account?
	Your Quick Action Summary
Chapter 35. How Email Transforms Those Expensive Clicks into Long-Term, Profitable Customers
	How to Put Personality and Pizzazz into Your Email Marketing
	Power in the Personal: Six Keys to Email Marketing Success
	Why We Chose Engineers as an Example for Email Marketing
	A Medium That Will Never Go Away
	Opt-Ins: More Than Just an Email Address?
	They Can Knock off Your Product, but They Can’t Knock off You
Chapter 36. So You Have a Killer Sales Machine. Now What?: The New Army of Next-Generation Marketers
	The Improvements Don’t Just Add Up—They Multiply!
	Expanding into Other Media: Profiting from the Winner-Take-All Phenomenon
	Affiliates: The Momentum Kicks In
	How to Grind Down Your Competition: A Google Lesson from Han Solo
	Google Makes It So Easy
	Nouveau Skin Care Company Gets an Unexpected Turn in Advertising
Chapter 37. Signature Victories
About the Authors
Quick-Reference AdWords Glossary

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