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TitleWho owns the world's media?: media concentration and ownership around the world
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Table of Contents
List of Contributors
Part One: Introductio n and Overview
	1 Introduction
	2 Project Organization and Methodology
Part Two: Media Concentration around the World—Country Studies
	A. Europe
		3 Belgium
			Peggy Valcke, Jo Groebel, and Moritz Bittner
		4 Finland
			Mikko Grönlund
		5 France
			Patrick-Yves Badillo, Dominique  Bourgeois, 
and Jean-Baptiste Lesourd
		6 Germany
			Julia Bösch, Max-Josef Meier,
Philipp Rösch-Schlanderer, and
Achim Ekkehard Henning Wolf
		7 Ireland
			Roddy Flynn and Paschal Preston
		8 Italy
			Giuseppe Richeri and Benedetta Prario
		9 Netherlands
			Joost van Dreunen
		10 Portugal
			Paulo Faustino
		11 Russia
			Elena Vartanova
		12 Spain
			Juan P. Artero and Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero
		13 Sweden
			Robert G. Picard, Mart Ots, and Madison Forsander
		14 Switzerland
			Patrick-Yves Badillo and Dominique Bourgeois
		15 Turkey
			Hüseyin Kemal Bayazit
		16 United Kingdom
			Petros Iosifidis B. North Ame rica
	B. North America
		17 Canada
			Dwayne Winseck
		18 United States
			Eli Noam
	C. Latin America
		19 Argentina
			Guillermo Mastrini, Ana Bizberge, and Martín Becerra
		20 Brazil
			Sonia Virginia Moreira
		21 Chile
			Sergio Godoy E.
		22 Mexico
			Juan Enrique Huerta Wong and Rodrigo Gómez García
	D. Asia-Pacific
		23 Australia
			Franco Papandrea and Rodney Tiffen
		24 China
			Min Hang
		25 India
			Anuradha Bhattacharjee, Liwei Wang, and Tapasya Banerjee
		26 Japan
			Kiyoshi Nakamura, Teruaki Asari, Yoshiharu Ichikawa, Koichiro Hayashi, Hajime Yamada, and Sho Yamaguchi
		27 South Korea
			Daeho Kim and Seongcheol Kim
		28 Taiwan
			Yu-li Liu, Yuntsai Chou, Kuo-feng Tseng, Ru-Shou Robert Chen, Yi-hsuan Chiang, and Ping-Hung Chen
	E. Middle East and Africa
		29 Egypt
			Nagla Rizk
		30 Israel
			Amit M. Schejter and Moran Yemini
		31 South Africa
			George Angelopulo and Petrus H. Potgieter
Part Three: Summa ries and Anal yses
	32 National Media Concentrations Compared
	33 European Trends
	34 Media Industries in International Comparison
	35 The World’s Major Media Companies
	36 The Owners of the World’s Media
	37 Analysis of Media Concentration
	38 Findings
General References on Media Ownership and Concentration

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