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TitleWicca: A Modern Guide to Witchcraft and Magick
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Table of Contents
                            Title Page
My Story
Introduction: Wicca for a Modern World
Part 1: What Is Wicca?
	1. Wicca, Witchcraft and Paganism
	2. Divination
	3. Nature
	4. The Three-Fold Law, Morals and the Wiccan Rede
	5. Magick
	6. Wiccan Paths
	7. The Book of Shadows
	8. Deities
Part 2: Why Explore Wicca?
	9. Mental Health Benefits
	10. Meditation
	11. Self-Care
	12. Creativity
	13. Kindness
Part 3: How to Get Started
	14. Wiccan Holidays and the Wheel of the Year
	15. Altars and Magic Tools
	16. Spell Work
	17. Colours
	18. Crystals
	19. Herbs and Plants
	20. The Witches’ Alphabet
	21. Astrology
	22. Small Changes
	23. When Others Don’t Accept Your Faith
	24. Wicca on the Sly
	25. City Wiccans
	26. Small Spaces
	27. Finding a Coven
Last Few Words
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