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TitleWild edibles : a practical guide to foraging, with easy identification of 60 edible plants and 67
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Table of Contents
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Title Page
	The Plants and Regions of This Book
	Wildly Beneficial
	Greens and Green Smoothies
	Children in the Wild
1. The Basics of Wild Plant Foraging
	Honing Your Search Image
	Simple Rules for Foraging
	Poisonous Plants
	Plant Identification Protocol
	Conservation and Etiquette
	Knowing Where to Look
	Tools You Will Need for Harvesting
2. Field Guide to Edible Plants
	Alder—Alnus spp.
	Aloe Vera—Aloe barbadensis
	Aspen—Populus tremuloides
	Birch—Betula spp.
	Blackberry—Rubus allegheniensis
	Burdock—Arctium minus
	Cat’s Ear—Hypochoeris radicata
	Cattail—Typha spp.
	Cedar (Incense Cedar)—Calocedrus spp.
	Chickweed—Stellaria media
	Chicory—Cichorium intybus
	Chokecherry—Prunus virginiana
	Clover—Trifolium spp.
	Common Mallow—Malva parviflora
	Currant—Ribes spp.
	Dandelion—Taraxacum officinale
	Dock—Rumex spp.
	Douglas Fir—Pseudotsuga menziesii
	Gooseberry—Ribes spp.
	Grape—Vitis spp.
	Grass (Wild and Not So Wild)—Poa spp.
	Green Amaranth—Amaranthus spp.
	Huckleberry—Vaccinium ovalifolium
	Lamb’s Quarters—Chenopodium album
	Maple—Acer spp.
	Miner’s Lettuce—Claytonia perfoliata
	Mint—Mentha spp.
	Oregon Grape—Mahonia aquifolium
	Ostrich Fern—Matteuccia struthiopteris
	Ox-Eye Daisy—Leucanthemum vulgare
	Pennycress—Thlaspi arvense
	Pine—Pinus spp.
	Pineapple Weed (Wild Chamomile)—Matricaria matricarioides
	Plantain—Plantago spp.
	Prickly Pear Cactus—Opuntia spp.
	Purslane—Portulaca oleracea
	Raspberry—Rubus idaeus
	Salmonberry—Rubus spectabilis
	Salsify—Tragopogon spp.
	Serviceberry—Amelanchier spp.
	Sheep Sorrel—Rumex acetosella
	Shepherd’s Purse—Capsella bursa-pastoris
	Siberian Miner’s Lettuce—Claytonia sibirica
	Sow Thistle—Sonchus spp.
	Spruce—Picea spp.
	Stinging Nettle—Urtica dioica
	Thimbleberry—Rubus parviflorus
	Thistle—Cirsium spp.
	Watercress—Nasturtium officinale
	Wild Ginger—Asarum canadense
	Wild Lettuce—Lactuca virosa
	Wild Mustard—Brassica spp.
	Wild Onion—Allium spp.
	Wild Rose—Rosa spp.
	Wild Strawberry—Fragaria spp.
	Wild Sweet Pea—Lathyrus latifolius
	Wild Violet—Viola spp.
	Willow—Salix spp.
	Wood Sorrel—Oxalis spp.
	Yarrow—Achillea millefolium
3. Wild Edible Recipes
	Salads and Salad Dressings
	Spreads and Crackers
	Light Main Courses
	Juices and Drinks
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