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                            The Ascension Warrior
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Robert Weinberg
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1 1 , The Ascension War has raged between the rnages
j q of the Nine Traditions and the Technicians of the
I Technocracy for hundreds of years. Though bloody

battles have been won a n d lost, victory eludes
both s ides Now, however, a mysterious figure
has risen, a being of incredible, inhuman power
- t h e Ascension Warr ior Claimin3 t o b e t h e
r e t u r n e d Heylel Teomim, Abominat ion a n d
barabbi, h e comes t o bring peace and unity t o
t h e warr ing mages But will h i s plans br ing
resolut ion to t h e conflict, o r t h e quiet of the

Based on Mage: The Ascension‘M and Vampire:
The MasqueradeT” from White Wolf Game Studio,
The Ascension Warrior follows The Road t o Hell
in the Horizon War Trilogy. Robert Weinberg is
also the author of the popular Masquerade of the
Red Death Trilogy.


WW 11022 / ISBN 1-56504-848-2 / $5 ggUSA / $7 99U

I 111111 11111 1111 111 II II II


Page 182

Chapter Twelve

A lone in his office, deep in the bowels of the Everwell Chemical Plant, Enzo Giovanni sat on a massive chair made of fine mahogany cov-
ered with purple velvet and stitched with gold thread.
He liked to think of the seat as his throne. Not yet,
he knew, but someday, he would wield power greater
than any king had ever imagined.

Four flights down beneath the streets, Enzo’s sanc-
tum was a large square room with ceiling, walls and
floor made of gray cement. Its only furnishings con-
sisted of his throne, a wide mahogany table and
several other wooden chairs covered with black
leather. The lighting was low and dim, bulbs recessed
in the low ceiling. A single door accessed the cham-
ber. Enzo disliked unannounced visitors. As president
of Everwell Chemicals and a member of the Board of
Directors of the secret Pentex Corporation, Enzo
highly valued his privacy. Others who had been less
cautious had paid the ultimate price.

The Acsension Warrior

Page 183

It was shortly before midnight and he awaited the
arrival of his cousin, Montifloro, due at the hour.
Enzo’s lips parted in a knowing smile. He suspected
Montifloro might be a little late. Though one of the
undead, a vampire like himself, his cousin still re-
tained a passion for mortal women. It was a fatal flaw
in his character, and one that Enzo had exploited to
the fullest over the past few days.

Montifloro had been sent by Pietro Giovanni from
their family headquarters in Venice to spy on Enzo,
and to discover if he had turned traitor to Clan
Giovanni. One of the most cunning and devious
members of the family, Montifloro was a skilled inves-
tigator who rarely missed a clue. However, his
unnatural desires betrayed him. Instead of searching
for the truth about Everwell Chemicals and Enzo’s
acquisition of the company, Montifloro had spent all
of his waking hours with Enzo’s new assistant, Ms.
Hope. A dark-haired beauty, the stunning young
woman had captivated his cousin. Just as Enzo had

There was a knock on the door. “Enter,” cried Enzo,
not bothering to rise. It could only be Montifloro.

Other than the lights, there was nothing electrical
or mechanical in the entire room. It was a sterile, life-
less environment-a cement tombwhich perfectly
suited Enzo. Tonight, though the weather outside was
hot and humid, the mom was icy cold. In the far cor-
ner of the room, a dark mist seethed just beyond the
glow of the dim yellow lights. Enzo wondered if a bulb

Robert Weinberg

Page 363



n e nas co-aurnorea w nice woir rumisning s vam- _ .
pireDiary: TheEmbrae ’ . - - -* -
World of Darkness), the Mi
ogy ( B W War, Unholy.
and The Road to Hell (V
trilogy). At present, he te
l.*-l.A A l l a g e in a i c a l

runwm, Th
iuiiiuia wiicl

book of Hm’z

I (included in 1 he kssentiul

AUies, and The Unbeholden),
olume I of the Horizpn War
aches creative writing at Co-
EO and is working on the last

asquerade ofthe Red Death til-

War in Heauen.

Page 364


For ten thousand years a race o
vampires has waged a secret war
rncnnlrinrl Rninnc n C i n , - - e A ; h l m c a m

But now a new player has entei
Known only as the Red Death, he c
&L _ L _ _ 1.- - L - V . - J - . > - - - L l

f immortal
to control

L . . ~ . I . C . L . U . yb...6u ". ...b.L...V.C Dupernatural
power, they are driven by a thirst for human
blood. They are the Kindred.

ied the game.
ontrols forces

n i a C malcr even LIK hinuxu rrernoie. Who is this
ice the first sign
:alypse for both

The only two people who can stop the Red
Death are Dire McCann and Alicia Varney.
Racing against time as the Red Death comes
closer to achieving his goal, they desperately
need to find the one historian who knows the

humans and vampires, IS about to begin?

avatar of evil? And is his appearai
that Gehenna, the dreaded apoc

varrlpire's identity. . --.

Blood War The Unbeholden
Volume I Volume 3

WW13000 W W 12402
$5.99 USl$7.99 CAN

Unholy Allies
Volume 2

$5.99 USlS7.99 CAN

ISBN 1-56504-840-7 ISBN 1-56504-842-3

$5.99 USlS7.99 CAN

ISBN 1-56504-841-5

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